Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Arizona Daily STAR misrepresents Conservative school board memeber Stegman

Dear supporters and correspondents,

The Star has extensively covered, through a news story and editorial, the board’s 3-2 vote on November 14 to ask the Human Resources Dept. to review the pay grade of the Director of Staff Services. This is currently the only TUSD employee, other than the superintendent, who reports solely and directly to the board.

The news story and editorial both cast the vote as retaliation for the employee’s old harassment complaint against Rachael Sedgwick. Because the complaint was amicably settled, months ago, I did not anticipate the interpretation as retaliation. That was obviously a misjudgment; providing more information, earlier, could have helped to forestall that interpretation. I suggested the salary review because of TUSD’s unexpectedly difficult budget situation and longstanding questions about the pay grade of that position. Other administrative positions face similar questions, and a superintendent-initiated review recently reduced the pay grade of a senior position within his purview. 

On Sunday the Star published a response from me, which provides more details. I have attached the published oped.

I appreciate that the Star allowed me to respond, but I was surprised to see that the editors deleted many sentences from my submission, affecting its tone and substance (without notifying me). They removed positive statements about TUSD’s potential future and its reform effort. Then, ironically, they removed criticism of the Star’s tendency to ignore the reform effort and TUSD's major policy issues. Is the newspaper, which finds plenty of space to attack the board repeatedly, so short of space or unsure of its ground that it must censor responses?

Discussing leadership's efforts to address TUSD's big policy and budget issues, whether or not the newspaper agrees with specific proposals, would do more to help the district and its students than continually focusing on personality conflicts and viewing every issue through that lens.   

Thanks for your interest in TUSD. The rest of this note contains the oped as originally submitted. The portions that the Star chose not to print are in red.

- Mark

Sarah Gassen (11/19) criticizes the TUSD board’s recent 3-2 vote to request its Human Resources Department to review the pay grade of the Director of Staff Services. This is currently the only employee (aside from the superintendent) who reports solely and directly to the board. She portrays this action as vindictive.

This ignores the context of the vote.

The new board and superintendent have recently eliminated five senior administrative positions and reduced the salaries of several others. None of those changes has touched the board office, which is apart from the superintendent and solely the board's responsibility. The board's action is a first step toward checking the expense of that office. Salary reviews are a standard procedure; a superintendent-initiated review led to one of the recent salary reductions.

 The board's action is warranted because it is unusual for a Director-level position to have only two subordinates. (The position's salary of $79,000 also exceeds the maximum on the teachers' pay scale.) I expect the board to respect the judgment of the HR department.

Gassen, while ignoring the recent administrative reductions, portrays this action as retaliatory, because the affected Director filed a complaint against one board member earlier this year. That complaint was resolved amicably months ago, long before we learned that TUSD lost about 1,100 students year-over-year and must cut millions of dollars mid-year. The board cannot expect massive cuts from the rest of the administration, while refusing to contemplate an internal review that many in TUSD consider long overdue.

 The huge budget shortfall implies much more to come. The board and superintendent agree that deep cuts should come from administrative positions rather than instruction. Scores or perhaps hundreds of positions face scrutiny, including the lower-ranked positions within the board office. The process will be painful, though everyone in leadership will work to minimize the pain and allocate it fairly.

Ignoring this larger context, Gassen spends two paragraphs extolling the work of the Director of Staff Services. Such position-by-position praise for TUSD’s administrators could fill countless pages. Yet such isolated analysis ignores the acute aggregate budget problem. The cold choice between cutting instruction and cutting administration means that even the meritorious will feel pain, sometimes through increased responsibilities.

By electing Rachael Sedgwick, a fresh candidate with a reform agenda, Tucson acknowledged TUSD’s need for big changes. The question now is not whether the new board will go too far, but whether it is willing to go far enough.

Sedgwick and I proposed in April that TUSD increase its instructional spending to 50% (still far below the 58.3% average of its six large peer Arizona districts), with further increases in subsequent years. This resolution could not gain a third vote. We have likewise failed in other attempts to trim unnecessary non-instructional spending. Yet the new board has shown courage and made progress in some areas. Dr. Trujillo's appointment has, in itself, led to some significant improvements.

I continue to believe that TUSD has tremendous unexploited potential. Tucson will judge, through next year's election, whether the new board has made enough progress toward the huge changes necessary to reach that potential.

The Star's editorial page has, meanwhile, largely ignored these reform efforts and the hard budget and policy choices confronting TUSD. Its occasional forays into TUSD affairs focus on personalities and real or exaggerated internal conflicts. Here is news: most of the community hardly cares about the personalities on the board. They care about its decisions and how those decisions help or hurt its schools.

The Star could have better used the same editorial space, weeks ago, to discuss the bond and override measures that four local districts put to the voters. Instead it remained conspicuously silent. It is apparently easier to spot one bottle among the acres of educational issues, and throw a rock at it.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thanksgiving -Rules for Civilized Discussion on Politics.

Not withstanding is the notion that "one" should never TALK ABOUT politics and religion.

Rules for Civilized dialogue during Thanksgiving and ALL OTHER times...

Lets start with a few premises.
1. Clarity is what you should accept...when and if...you cannot successfully sell your point of view to one who is trying to SELL YOU, their point of view.
     a.  Once it is determined that no one is buying what the other is saying..to agree to ...#2.

2.  To agree to disagree....to disagree vs being disagreeable...(requires intellectual honesty)

3.  Personal attacks on their face is taking the intellectual out and the emotional in, should NEVER BE allowed...holiday, family gathering or NOT!

4.  BE AWARE of what worked in "yesterday's world"....where one never spoke of religion and politics....for a very good reason..Those who looks to divide PEOPLE instigate that which should be and used to be ones' private affair..

Last rule that encompasses words above and much more....is the Ten Commandments of LOGIC

Trust me...I know what I know!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

President Trump REFLECTS back the perv liberal projection aimed at We THE People

How our President WINS...it's quite simple...

He has learned that BEING a mirror BEATS being a SPONGE any day...
consider the following...

OUR love of President Trump -he does not absorb selfishly, instead he reflects OUR love back UNTO us with his love of We the People....A...

B. the Media's liberal, perv agenda's hate that is
B. the Media's liberal, perv agenda's hate that is
PROJECTED unto him directly...he, instead of absorbing it ...
REFLECTS back UPON the #fakeNEWS #falseNarrative and other BS....

President Trump REFLECTS back the perv liberal projection aimed at We the People

How our President WINS...it's quite simple...

He has learned that BEING a mirror BEATS being a SPONGE any day...
consider the following...

OUR love of President Trump -he does not absorb selfishly, instead he reflects OUR love back UNTO us with his love of We the People....A...

B. the Media's liberal, perv agenda's hate that is
B. the Media's liberal, perv agenda's hate that is
PROJECTED unto him directly...he, instead of absorbing it ...
REFLECTS back UPON the #fakeNEWS #falseNarrative and other BS....

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Billionaire Guilt/Firewall or liberal EXTORTION....same, same..

Many people don't understand how a performer, an earner...an entrepreneur can BE a liberals. 
 Counter-intuitive....for sure....
But the reason is CLEAR.....
Those who can afford to ignore the consequences of liberal policies create their own firewall.  
LOTS of money, donated to liberal politicians, liberal causes, liberal "think" tanks...
 I feel so guilty, I'd like to pay MORE taxes
I give to GET. says "the" billionaire....I do so...so I can get them to leave me alone...

Extortion racket...

#billionaireINSURANCE...or #liberalEXTORTION

Just leave my business affairs ALONE...and I will pay you #protectionMONIES

When #MOBrule meets Protection Racket....or as I break it down to simple, stupid.....LIBERALISM.....

Monday, July 24, 2017

Half the Baby Boomers...giving birth to Anti-AmeriCANism...the other half Trump voters en masse

FIRST...Baby Boomers 50% became anti-American...
when their parents proclaimed proudly..."I spoil my children"....(cause we work two jobs and place our children 2nd)

SECOND.. CHILDREN of baby boomers....generation...

75% anti-american- PopCULT has now overcome traditional american culture....

turning Nature against We the People.

We are now in a Tug of War....of the "minds"....

On the side of EVIL
a. Media..
b. Democrat Party..
c. Establishment, elites Republicans...
d. Hollywood
e. Universities, Dept. of Education....
f. Deep State..
g. Environmental movement (communists place holder)

On the side of Virtue....
We the People
President Trump...

Baby Boomers, Unintended consequences squared. Take a bow!

by tony on Jan.22, 2009,

 The beginning of the end to our culture.   We have you to thank, my generation.  Post WWII.  Veterans whose sacrifice saved us from needing to speak a language other than English.

    Our evolved Family with Vanity, Narcissism celebrated have negatively impacted our more traditional values...that  society’s life blood.   Unfortunate for us many with misguided thinking, now identifying with  the “Jones” gave birth and became parents

     Welcome to the world of Me, and mine….We as a generation, my generation did not mean to totally mess things up, it was simply these  ”unintended consequences.”  So much for vision, and prudent civic responsibility.  We didn’t want to just exist anymore, our Parents didn’t want us to either….our parents were trained and marketed to to believe that their role was to make life better, and for the generation after that for them to have it better, so on and on.  With this logic…one day no one will never have to do anything anymore, because less is failure.
    What was it, …I mean, really, everything we are about for hundreds of years, generation after generation, really when, how and why have we LOST of Family tradition.  I don’t mean just the “American Family” I mean the core, foundation of what constituted life, period!
      This is family.  You know..children, Daddy, Mommy, and children, with all one thing in mind…to live a just and fair life…so really what this starts with is the breakdown of family and all that came with it.  Values.
      Where did society, our government and our values all begin their downward cycle?
    That my friends is what this is, a cycle…going down now and eventually our children’s children will have enough smarts to change the direction of the pendulum…maybe even stop it for a while at its zenith.
     I am speaking in generalities here, but bear with me.
     It started to go wrong after the ‘50’s when families needed two incomes to keep their heads above water never mind “keeping up with the Jones.”  We needed bigger houses, two cars, and lots and lots of toys that American manufacturers provided and marketers became sophisticated.
       The priorities our leaders demonstrated were often misplaced. Greed now taking root in our culture, moral relevance close behind, after all we have to “make it right” in our head.
     The guiding light of human behavior often were religious based.  Secular values by definition invalidates our traditional religious roots, fundamental of our culture.  This secular movement I was aware of as a child.   Attending Church, I often would skip, and noting, that I was doing wrong, but more and more were doing it,   Always comfortable with doing what was wrong, I saw many didn’t, they would rather, …change things, so that wrong or right was no longer an issue, it simply didn’t apply.  How convenient.  I saw at this age of 7, 8 or 9.  I saw it, first hand…and it all grew worse

For Every Action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Now where could I have gotten that?

     Every coin has two sides (don’t forget the edge, making it three).  Those with vision see the “unintended consequences” (or price), using “natural laws,” logic, deduction, and reasoning…a requirement when looking at the logical progression of thought.

    Our price was the loss of family values, more specifically quality family time, not only between entire families, but also between Fathers and Sons, and Mothers and Daughters.
    We chose to replace that time with gifts and trinkets to our children to keep them happy, TV’s and electronic games to keep them busy having fun because we didn’t have as much time as we wanted to be with them……not really, many of you didn’t. My Mother, bless her soul she gave me MY Identity.  SELF Image sustained me, not Image,  Image lacking the fuel now has their vanity to feed as well.

     Think of the lyrics from the Harry Chapin song from several years ago, “The Cats in the Cradle”:“When you coming home, dad?” “I don’t know when, But we’ll get together then. You know we’ll have a good time then.” 
     Of course they never do, and in the end, when the father is old and his son is grown, he tells his father the same words and the father realizes, “he has grown up just like me.”   ..aahhh..the down hill slope….
    In the “wink of an eye,”  our own children grew older, AND they found something missing in their lives that they could not understand.  They didn’t know how to define it, and we hadn’t given them the gift of introspection to figure out what it was. …
     But, others came along and provided them with answers, but wrong thinking answers that our kids bought into.  (see below-Alinsky Rules)

    Like, nothing is ever right or wrong; only degrees in between…or perception is reality and other such garbage. 
    With this kind of logic, we can justify everything we do…every evil deed can be justified and rendered as even being OK. (Arguments of Moral Relevancy speaks to this concern)
       Everything can be justified by saying it is not our fault and we are all victims.  But, if you think this kind of perception is reality, then you are living an illusion!

       This kind of reality and morality is more than an illusion.  It is garbage!!  Think of a UFO coming to our planet for the first time.  He knows nothing about us, so he sees things as if he were a child…no point of view, no perspective other than what is.  What reality does he see?  Not the same one as our children who are being “spun” a reality that isn’t real. (Remember Universal and Natural Law say there is only one reality).

     Simply put, the one reality has been replace by indifference to “what is.” It’s been replaced with ifa, coulda,  woulda, shoulda,  thereby invalidating the rules of nature and he universe that we should be following.  And we as the older generation have said nothing, which means we have given it our blessing.

      Our children, today’s active young and middle age adults, grew up lacking respect for their parents.  Yes, EVEN contempt for them… The toys we exchanged for love and attention, simply weren’t enough…..Dah!….. We left out the most important part of parenthood.  As such, we earned their CONTEMPT!
(You made the bed, now sleep it it.)
 And sadly that contempt flowed over into all aspects of their lives, including people in their own generation who feel the same way.

Good God…If you don’t at least respect your Mother, then you are in trouble.  ”Show me how a man treats his mother and I will tell you how he treats all the women in his life.”

       Buffalo Springfield, "For what it is Worth"...1966
This contempt I speak of didn’t stop there…oh no, it went on to a complete contempt of authority, of values, of reality and most of society.  Negative energy, is to Nature what Hate is to Religion.
For what's it's worth..   the Buffalo Springfield   http://youtu.be/f5M_Ttstbgs

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Top Down vs Bottup UP....Takers OR Makers a Thesis

Food for thought...

Top down...vs Bottom up..
American Dream by American Privilege....ambition/effort for your dreams to come true.  Don't leave home without them....you won't go far FAST!

From the top is I want it to be thus
From the bottom up....is this is what I need...

From the top down is to impose...based on those in control wants....

Bottom up...as with an entrepreneur....
I see a need I fill it...
and as I encounter problems, speed bumps...etc....
I adjust...
due to natural market forces.....

NO comments telling me I'm wrong, will suggest to me I'm right....don't go unspoken for...

Milton Friedman with Phil Donahue ...a classic

Your American Dream is brought to you by your AmeriCAN Privilege.  Fueled by Effort and Ambition ...needed for your dreams to come true....