Friday, December 9, 2016

Satire, Propaganda, and Fake NEWS - NBC,CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC all Confused

Fake News and Brian question..

When the MEDIA denies Truth, and articulates FAKE NEWS....KNOW this.....they are PROJECTING their deceit upon We the People. 

#fakeNEWS #propaGanda #satire

You want fake news?

 Imagine being told, by Hillary Clinton, your son was killed BECAUSE of a video

I mean, really fake, ...not satire to entertain with irony, but fake news USED to manipulate, to shape what and how you think....

Don't Make MATTER that which Doesn't!

If Polls don't matter, than why should they?
Do NOT defend THE defending a #falseNarrative you create its validity....albeit perverted....

#fakePOLLS #IrrelevantPOLLS #fakeNEWS uses FAKE Polls to pull the wool over the eyes to john Q Sucker.

If we can't depend on the polls as this past Presidential election suggests to question.

Do polls MATTER when they are #FAKEpolls ...We the People now know this as FACT. I suggest they are now Irrelevant....key word..

Irrelevant polls.....use this to make IRRELEVANT false narratives, jive polls, and intellectual dishonesty.

Three to CON

commonly referred to as propaganda....this is how the #communistLIBERALS and the #marxistMEDIA roll.

Hillary Clinton – Who Lied About Landing Under Sniper Fire – Claims Fake News Is a Threat

You just can’t make this stuff up…
In 2008 Hillary Clinton claimed she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia and had to run for her life.
It was a lie.

Here’s the video, via Mike Cernovich:
Today Hillary Clinton warned reporters about the deadly threat of fake news.

 the Many Lies, fake News of Hillary Clinton
Hillary and Mt. Everest...Fake News

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Trump, Machiavelli's THE Prince - HOW to make America GREAT again...

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  President=Elect Trump seems to believe in the advice that Machiavelli gave to the de Medici family.

Trump is "the Prince"....
He understands #MachiavellieBOOK20

Put those who have OPPOSED you in the position of power. You will be able to CONT.ROL them

Trump and Romney
Trump and Gore....

Wisdom TRUMPS intelligence!

A prince can also win prestige by declaring himself an ally of one side of a conflict. Neutrality alienates both the victor and the loser. The victor sees the neutral prince as a doubtful friend; the loser sees the neutral prince as weak coward. Someone who is not your friend will always request that you remain neutral, while a true friend will always ask you for your armed support. A prince can escape short-term danger through neutrality, but at the cost of long-term grief. Instead, a prince should boldly declare support for one side.
If the prince allies with someone stronger than himself, and this ally wins, then the prince protects himself through the alliance, because the victor will feel an obligation to the prince. If this stronger ally loses, at least the prince will win the protection and shelter of the ally. If the prince is stronger than either opponent, an alliance essentially means the destruction of one side through the help of another.
 A prince can also win prestige by declaring himself an ally of one side of a conflict. Neutrality alienates both the victor and the loser.
A prince can also win prestige by declaring himself an ally of one side of a conflict. Neutrality alienates both the victor and the loser.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Populism is We the People. Don't allow "populism" to be disparaged.

Wave your freak flag high...high....

We the People IS Populism 

Do not allow false narratives spoken...educated, take the wind out of their sale

Populism is WHO we are AS Americans. 
 Populism is an articulation of our inalienable rights in the sphere of politics.

Wonderful Memes....Capturing the attention of loons while entertaining like minds.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Rise, NO, the FALL of the Clinton EMPIRE and iLLary Can't GET UP, she's ILL....

Mrs. Bill'Swife CLINTON, to coin a phrase...

the Chicken's have come home to Roost

Hillary's only accomplishment was to be clever enough to marry the ROAD to the Presidency....paved in matrimony to Bill Clinton.

Her ACE in the HOLE...

2 minute clip...from "The Morning Joe"....going a tad nuts over this discussion.
a double entendre here,  was to accept Bill's propensity to want to BED, in the first five minutes of meeting, every quasi attractive women he laid eyes ON....
.Regardless of how the women he was attracted to felt about that situation.  Hillary accepted this deal with the devil