Thursday, October 29, 2015

GOP to run their OWN Debates...a suggestion to the GOP - no more DEbaitANDswitch

EXCLUSIVE — Ben Carson: ‘Problematic’ Donors Fill Debate Audience



 GOP its time to run your OWN Debate....

no more deBAIT and Switch

Hey #GOP  Why are you giving your brand away to communist media?
Aren't YOU the boss of YOU?  duh......

Then take CONTROL, be in CHARGE of your own debates.....
Don't the GOP own themselves. 

Why don't they CREATE the debate...end the illusion

bring in the Heritage foundation .....

as moderators ..or some such group.....

then negotiate with a media outlet for the GOP to ALLOW coverage and to set the advertising rates themselves if necessary...

keep the the outlet....

THE gop OWNs their brand...take charge...
Do not subordinate yourself to communist media..

According to NPR, Bush had the least amount of time of any of the candidates on the stage:
Rubio: 8:44
Fiorina: 8:37
Kasich: 8:06
Trump: 7:44
Cruz: 6:52
Christie: 6:30
Huckabee: 5:47
Carson: 5:28
Paul: 5:03
Bush: 4:56
Bush’s overall performance was panned by many commentators, with his most notable moment coming when the former governor had his hat handed to him after trying to attack fellow Floridian Sen. Marco Rubio.
Diaz was not the only one complaining about how the debate was conducted. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus tweeted immediate following the debate.
The chairman followed his tweet up