Sunday, April 24, 2016

Trump taking his amerICANprivilege to secure OURS

Poor are those who DO NOT take 


Stupid are those who do NOT take 


Lazy are those who do NOT take 

advantage of OUR Amer-I-CAN, do anything 

that my ambition allows for, PRIVILEGE

Your AmeriCAN Privilege is THE vehicle....without EFFORT/Ambition.... you will be lacking 

the FUEL for the VEHICLE to do much good.
Another idea of "white privilege" is having access to all the "good stuff."  Apparently, white people have the best education system, the best economic system, and so forth.  The reason this is supposedly bad is that white people are bad, and don't deserve it!  Let's examine that, shall we?
White people are bad, but it's generally white people who are criticizing this "white privilege." So, aren't the white people who criticize also bad?  

No, of course not!  Aha!  So it is not being white which is bad, it's being capitalist and individualist which is bad! 
 We, therefore, come to the first truth about the doctrine of "white privilege" and that is that it is not about a person being "white," but about "privilege."  We know this because it is the collectivists who are sloganeering, throwing rocks, and inciting riots.  Oh yes they are!
So, it's not that white people are bad, because you can be a "good" white person if you are a collectivist. Accordingly, it is "privilege" which is bad.  But... these sloganeers are completely privileged.  Are they not bad also?  No!  They are doing the "good work" of sloganeering, so they are exempt.  They are better white people!

President Trump please do NOT respond to GOTCHA questions....Here's an important TIP

Dear President Trump......

please do not answer gotcha questions...suggestion...

..try this..."repeater...err reporter....

those are questions that are going to require great study....

right now I'm thinking of the bleeding we are experiencing and stopping it...NOW...



 our VETs,


you know the things that MATTER to us ALL right NOW...

those other things are important but not important enough to distract from real issues.


Friday, April 8, 2016

Natural Law, God's manifestation of Truth, fueled by Capitalism, we call LIBERTY

  The Opposite of Capitalism IS Communism

Conservatism is the act of Administering Capitalism

Our God granted, inalienable rights allows our Individual LIBERTY to be EXCEPTIONAL to the rest of the world.

We are FREE to do Anything and EVERYTHING the LAW does not prevent US from doing.

"I AM...the BOSS of ME!

As an ORGANIC learner....

I benefit from Nature teaching ME naturally, not colleges, universities PROGRAMMING me un-naturally...

Your intuitive alerts your BRAIN....your BRAIN must Confirm...beware of "brain-washing
Liberty a Manifestation of God's grace,....Fueled by Capitalism "ruled" by Natural Laws.....authored by God.

NOTHING religious here....Religions defined by tony.
Those INTERPRETATIONS of God by Man.....

KISS principle please. #noesis #Aristotle #Socrates #ThomasAquinas

Morality and Capitalism....Milton Freeman ROCKS the world ....RIP Milt.....

There are so many different religions. How do I know which one is right?

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pro-ACTIVE TRUMP rallies at MEDIA OUTLETS in USA...NBC, ABC, CBS join me

The PreTRUMPtive Nominee

The Media against Trump....

as Joe McCarthy FALTERED behind the LIES the Media perpetuated ..

Trump has a counter to's called Social Media, Conservative Talk....AND our ability to 

bring it to the MEDIA

A Pro-TRUMP rally at Major media OUTLETS throughout the Country.  
 Imagine....10's and hundreds, perhaps thousands of people HAUNTING local affiliates throughout the USA in support of Trump. TO be effective...NEVER should this be a "one time" event.
Imagine a Vote Trump for President "protest"...a pro-ACTIVE protest. Imagine that..
Any thoughts from Trump supporters here?

 Tony's awesome "Media" memes 



  I really wish upon a dream

The We the People would articulate THIS truth...correctly.

We the People have NEVER been silent....
The Media and the popCULTure....took our voice from us.  SILENCED we the people.

When the tree falls and no one reports simply didn't happen.

The opposite of love is not's indifference....lets get this narrative RIGHT.


For one year, I and ONLY one or two more joined me...every other week for one full year.  Perhaps a Trump rally can galvanize a group worthy of a TRUMP Rally.


I had over twenty signs spread out around the block of Tucson's NBC's outlet KVOA-Tucson