Saturday, February 28, 2015

Evil Manipulates - Creates an Illusion of Crisis - false choices presented

Who is RUNNING the Show?
Black demonCratic kakakaucus leveraging the false narrative of white guilt-enabled by self-loathing white liberal communists 

Evil Manipulates by creating a crisis...then providing FALSE choices.
Needed to succeed?

For Evil to rule via manipulation must be BE A FOOL.

Don't YOU be a SUCKER
A Government that Manipulates their citizenry IS EVIL!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Knowing, or thinking you KNOW? Ignorant, Dumb, Stupid, Idiot...defined.

 Tony's Paradigm STATESofMIND

As your Raw Etymologist....please review, bookmark...share..

Don't feel offended when charged with Ignorance, it simply means....

Ignorant = Not knowing
Dumb = Not knowing even when explained
Stupid = Knowing, but not accepting
Idiot = Knowing, not accepting, AND spewing the converse.....(tv)
Question ...which on describes Liberals?

This paper is playing around with a conceit: two senses of the term "know". However, it is all in a professional cause.
The two senses are those of:
  • awareness of self, (represented by the vertical red line in the diagram below) and
  • knowledge of the world (the horizontal blue line)
There are of course four possible combinations, which are explored below. "Knowledge" but not simply as Bloom understands it: potentially this is the whole cognitive domain. You may find parallels with the witting and willing practice model, and also with the familiar "unconscious incompetence" to "unconscious competence" model, which relates primarily to practical skills: here we are exploring knowledge. 
Laing's poetic exploration of its interpersonal convolutions cited above (it goes on for another 21 pages), and the citation of the idea by Neighbour (1992) credited as an Arabic proverb demonstrate that it has a considerable provenance.

Not knowing you don't know
The first possibility is that of being unaware that you don't know something. This is the "ignorance is bliss" state, enjoyed by everyone who pontificates about politics in pubs. It is also the position of many people on "soft" occupations (such as teaching, or social work) which look from the outside as if "any fool could do it". (Some do.) And it is engendered by consummate professionals who make what they do look easy (such as plasterers and chefs and popular novelists and...).

Many students start from this position, and although the Neighbor proverb calls them "fools", it is not really fair. Let's go on —

So the first move is often to make learners aware of their ignorance. This is tricky, in practice. Unless they are a captive audience it is quite easy to frighten them off. (It is also quite seductive, because it is a chance to show off your own level of knowledge or competence.) On the other hand, it is a crucial step in developing motivation to learn.

There are various ways of doing it.
  • The German teacher's name was Roger Baker (in the unlikely event that he wants to look himself up on the web)In my first German lesson, a young teacher recited a poem to us in German: it sounded great, but we couldn't understand a word of it, of course. He didn't really need to do it, because we already knew we didn't know any of it apart from a couple of phrases picked up from war films. He was trying to show what we might aspire to, and went on to explain that. (It must have made an impact because I can remember the lesson fifty years later.)
  • You can ask a student (usually either one who is a bit full of himself and needs to be "taken down a peg", or one who is mature enough not to be humiliated) to do something practical in the certainty that he will fail. Only do this if you are confident that when you do it, as you will be challenged to, you can manage it yourself.
  • You can pose a problem which has a seemingly simple answer (political, economic, legal—or in Neighbour's case, medical), and then show the problems in reaching that simple solution, which stem from ignorance of the context.
The trick is to show something which is (so far) beyond the students' reach, but not so far beyond it that they will despair. The second trick is to make it interesting. I have deliberately not mentioned strategies for doing this in accountancy.
More significantly:
  • In continuing professional development courses in particular, you may be challenging survival-oriented practice in which people have a substantial vested interest: this is the key to the whole un-learning/learning process. See Learning as Loss for more on this.
  • Unless you have to do it, don't. Many learners (particularly those who have signed up for your course of their own free will) are only too aware of what they don't know. The last thing they need is for you to rub it in.
  • Skill in this area is of course a core competence for charlatans. Whether self-help gurus who must convince you of your personal inadequacy or potential ill-health, religious proselytizers who must convict you of sins only they believe are sinful, or salespeople who have to create a "need" for their product, they all have to manage this stage. Study and learn from them—just don't believe them.
  • A specialist variation on this is
Read more: Knowing and not knowing
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Liberal / Progressive Elites.....too smart for yOUR own good....

When lacking experience, when lacking wisdom.....your "intelligence" defaults to STUPID.

Liberal / Progressive Elites.....too smart for yOUR own good....

When lacking experience, when lacking wisdom.....your "intelligence" defaults to STUPID.

Conventional WISDOM always wrong....don't be a Sucker.

Friday, February 20, 2015

A Double Negative is a Positive. Being Negative on Liberalism is a +

Don't allow the question..."why are you being so negative" stop you....
show them THE math - Common Core will preclude this logic from ever being understood.

When you are negative against a negative...its a POSITIVE....= Virtue
When you are positive about something NEGATIVE = EVIL
Learn how to do the MATH.....
Not everything FOR is good....NOT everything AGAINST is BAD
Get the Math straight...

What goes around comes around in Nature and IN THE WORLD

Deny reality all you wish.....Reality is not afraid of your militant indifference..

Reality if not Utopia isn't accepted

Liberalism re-Conditions -Shapes the way one believes....forget THINK.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

College, or no College - Idiot TAUGHT or skill LEARNED?

All this talk about college ...

never a mention of ON THE JOB TRAINING...

Remember OJT? ‪#‎ojt‬

I remember hearing that TERM all the time...haven't heard peep of two

Key here to the ..."don't bite the hand that feeds you"....
once trapped...."me the gov't" might cut you some slack..
see "vote for me"....or pay your bill....
It's all a trick corner us into submission economically speaking..

Been there, done that...
This notion of FREE COLLEGE by Obama is more SANTA CLAUS.....just vote for me...and I'm always DOWN for FREE STUFF.

Free College.....Fox responds

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Welfare MOMs TOP 1% of the WORLD sitting FAT, NOT bone THIN

You on the Dole...Collecting FREE STUFF, while criticizing the 1%...the Doers....well...

YOU ARE the 1% of the World ORDER

"You" resent the losers.....ridicule performers...well get this...IDIOTS....

YOU are the 1% of the world....
FAT and STUPID....not thin and HUNGRY!

Undebatable ....
using the music from Nat King Cole's UNFORGETTABLE ....

truly Regrettable...

"Poverty in America"...don't look hungry to ME
True Poverty...dying of starvation

Poverty relative to "Poverty in America"...

How Poor Are America's Poorest? U.S. $2 A Day Poverty In A Global Context

In the United States, the official poverty rate for 2012 stood at 15 percent based on the national poverty line which is equivalent to around $16 per person per day. Of the 46.5 million Americans living in poverty, 20.4 million live under half the poverty line. This begs the question of just how poor America’s poorest people are.

Additional Resources

Poverty, in one form or other, exists in every country. But the most acute, absolute manifestations of poverty are assumed to be limited to the developing world. This is reflected in the fact that rich countries tend to set higher poverty lines than poor countries, and that global poverty estimates have traditionally excluded industrialized countries and their populations altogether.
An important study on U.S. poverty by Luke Shaefer and Kathryn Edin gently challenges this assumption. Using an alternative dataset from the one employed for the official U.S. poverty measure, Shaefer and Edin show that millions of Americans live on less than $2 a day—a threshold commonly used to measure poverty in the developing world. Depending on the exact definitions used, they find that up to 5 percent of American households with children are shown to fall under this parsimonious poverty line.
Methodologies for measuring poverty differ wildly both within and across countries, so comparisons and their interpretation demand extreme care.
These numbers are intended to shock—and they succeed. The United States is known for having higher inequality and a less generous social safety net than many affluent countries in Europe, but the acute deprivations that flow from this are less understood. A crude comparison of Shaefer and Edin’s estimates with the World Bank’s official $2 a day poverty estimates for developing economies would place the United States level with or behind a large set of countries, including Russia (0.1 percent), the West Bank and Gaza (0.3 percent), Jordan (1.6 percent), Albania (1.7 percent), urban Argentina (1.9 percent), urban China (3.5 percent), and Thailand (4.1 percent). Many of these countries are recipients of American foreign aid. However, methodologies for measuring poverty differ wildly both within and across countries, so such comparisons and their interpretation demand extreme care.
This brief is organized into two parts. In the first part, we examine the welfare of America’s poorest people using a variety of different data sources and definitions. These generate estimates of the number of Americans living under $2 a day that range from 12 million all the way down to zero. This wide spectrum reflects not only a lack of agreement on how poverty can most reliably be measured, but the particular ways in which poverty is, and isn’t, manifested in the U.S.. In the second part, we reexamine America’s $2 a day poverty in the context of global poverty. We begin by identifying the source and definition of poverty that most faithfully replicates the World Bank’s official poverty measure for the developing world to allow a fairer comparison between the U.S. and developing nations. We then compare the characteristics of poverty in the U.S. and the developing world to provide a more complete picture of the nature of poverty in these different settings. Finally, we explain why comparisons of poverty in the U.S. and the developing world, despite their limitations and pitfalls, are likely to become more common.

All you Anti-american fools who emote "caring for others" name is Tucker, NOT SUCKER.....
There are there are three types of Cons...which one ARE YOU?

Saturday, February 7, 2015

HeteroPhobia vs HomoPhobia - Never bend over to queer pressure.

I'm am dam well FED UP with claims of homophobia....spread through ALL of our "CULTure" Never bend over to #queerpressure
I'm am dam well FED UP with claims of homophobia....
spread through ALL of our "CULTure"

Never bend over to #queerpressure  Anyone DARE suggest YOU homoPhobe....

set them straight in no uncertain terms...with your power of certainty, remind them of ESSENTIAL TRUTH....

"Your a HeteroPhobe...." don't add one more word....
a friends response.
Ronald Bell Less than 2% of the United States of America, is QUEER but 90% of those QUEERS are LIBERALS and are forcing this indecent and unnatural behavior, on all the rest of US!

we have no NEED to defend a moral imperative ....

 friends response.  Ronald Bell 
Less than 2% of the United States of America, is QUEER but 90% of those QUEERS are LIBERALS and are forcing this indecent and unnatural behavior, on all the rest of US!