Tuesday, July 19, 2016

GOP National Convention, 2016 ...the TOP speeches of the night....

Day one

 2016 GOP National Convention..

The First Lady "in the presumptive" full speech....I give Mrs. Trump a 9.5...she hit it out of the park

Marcus Luttrell's full speech.....OUTRAGEOUSLY great..

We aren't white america, we're not black America...we're America....wonderful 
Rudy Giuliani takes his "I'm Italian" and hits it out of the park...mocking Obama's 08 speech..
                                                                 Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Sheriff Clarke...walked out on the STAGE to a response that stayed consistent throughout his speech.

Rick Perry, brings calm promoting party unity....

Senator Pat Roberts

Senator Sessions

Senator Ernst 

                 Powerful speech, emotional, Mother of Sean Smith, one of FOUR Benghazi victims


Chris Christie-Prosecuting HILLARY

Ben Carson calling out Clinton's hero Alinsky.

Donald Trump Jr.  Making his dad, proud....great speech...

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Italian-Americans NEVER B-tched about our gov't taking OUT the Mafia...."They ARE giving US a bad name"

When a Group of people have within their community BAD APPLES...as was my experience in "being Italian".....

as we see in the Muslim community and seemingly synonymous the LIBERALblack Community....

it was the good apples that put the bad apples in line.
"you are giving us a bad name....STOP it.."

But that was when right from wrong was coOpted by ‪#‎marxistLIBERAL‬ PERV

Good Italians never whined about the MAFIA being targeted.....

in fact they would SHAME the bad apples. While doing their best to avoid any and all associations with them...

No matter how "sexy" the mafia was made in Hollow-Wood...

Black Power, radical Islam....same-same....