Saturday, August 30, 2014

Conservatism is OF the CENTER: Conservatism >>Of the CENTER

The Far right is anarchy...

Don't accept false narratives....
Conservatism or Classical Liberalism...(don't be confused with modern day liberal...more jive)
Gave birth to the ideology of liberty....fueled by Capitalism, allowing one to be the best they can be as Nature's God has defined from the beginning of life...
Evil are those who stand OPPOSED to the thought of all things original being derived from and governed by Natural Law' OF the CENTER....
\examples ...the universe, an egg....there are more...I'm sure..

Conservatism is OF THE center...FAR right and far left both radical.

Don't be FOOLED by thinking "patriots" are ON the Right....JIVE

All things ORIGINAL come from the center...see universe, see an egg...the Yoke never moves FROM the CENTER.. #CONservatismIStheYOKE of LIBERTY


Conservatism IS Universal Truths put into a political philosphy
like Truth Conservatism IS NOT an Ideology
Truth Is!
 All that resist truth via false narratives and intellectual dishonesty as simply Ideologues....FACT!
Stop redefining what your EYES need NO label for!

Conservatism is OF the CENTER: Conservatism >>Of the CENTER
 Anything or Anyone that stands opposed to that which was derived FROM and GOVERNED by Natural Law....IS Evil

To oppose Conservatism IS EVIL.

The Constitution = The Center Beam that Supports the House

Tony vs Liberal on facebook @ exchange "defense of the obvious."

I exchange with a LIBERAL over the Principles of the Constitution. Challenging the "written in granite" argument...
from Shawn Geneva Maynard
, but you refuse to answer my question? It was a simple question. Ill ask it again even.
Do you think the constitution was meant to stay the same and never be changed?

I finally gave in to @shawn and acknowledged his indifference to the "Sensibilities of the Obvious.

"Principles not to be evolved ...natural law "example"...
A large room  with a center beam.....needed to uphold the structure, engineers know the math, knows what must BE their to COUNTER the weight of Roofing the Post in the Middle is designed to support.
......The Constitution is the CENTER Beam....

Asking a question like..."is the Constitution designed to allow the changing or evolution?  The answer to that...."If you don't know, I can't explain it to you" type of question is ..

Just because YOU want a pool table in the middle of the room, you think that post is simply there as a way to be in your way...therefore...I'll just move...err evolve it.....NO!