Saturday, November 24, 2012

Know why you "hate" the Media

Don't just talk about why you think the way you do. KNOW the reasoning in the way you think you do. Great fodder here.The Malignant Media and the Perversion of Truth
from this link...
Today’s media, instead of being a vehicle for justice, honesty, and integrity – are an armored vehicle for destruction of our core values and principles – principles set forth in the Constitution, a document they would destroy if they could.  Remember that.
  The perversion of truth in a society by the very entity that was designed to protect it – and given the freedom to ensure that survival – is the means by which our destruction will come. It is a fierce battle we fight, but the critical point is knowing that the 4th estate in this country is the real enemy.
 We’re late to the battle, but now that we know, w will fight with the truth.

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