Monday, December 10, 2012

The Synderesis Principle validates Morality in Nature

The Synderesis Principle
Synderesis is called the law of our understanding inasmuch as it is the habit of keeping the precepts of natural law, which are the first principles of human activity. (Q. 94, 1)

As noted above, our knowledge of all natural law arises from synderesis, which is an inborn habit of our practical reason. Thomas explains this habit in three key places:

...the principles our nature imparts to us in practical matters do not belong to a special power but to a special habit there by nature, synderesis. And thus synderesis is said to incite us to good and to deter us from evil in that through first principles we both begin investigation and judge what we find. (1a Q. 79, 12)

Natural reason determines beforehand the ends of moral virtue by what is called synderesis.... (2a2ae, Q. 47, 6)
Conservatism Is the Center Post of our HOUSE....
the Principles of the Constitution regarding Challenging the "written in granite" argument...

"Principles are those written IN granite ...natural law "example"...

A large room with a center beam.....needed to uphold the structure, engineers know the math, knows what must BE their to COUNTER the weight of Roofing the Post in the Middle is designed to support.
......The Constitution is the CENTER Beam....

Asking a question like..."is the Constitution designed to allow the changing or evolution? The answer to that...."If you don't know, I can't explain it to you" type of question is ..
Just because YOU want a pool table in the middle of the room, you think that post is simply there as a way to be in your way...therefore...I'll just move...err evolve it.....NO!

yes or no?

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