Saturday, April 6, 2013

Black or White, NOT, Italian I AM... A Rant

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Tony Venuti  - Black or White, A Rant

I've had it, I had it up to here. Now you have it.
 A Rant & Roll I know, what I know, ...unlike most of you that think you think.... 
Unlike most of you, you and you , and yes, maybe even you... indeed not only me...but gosh...two or three aren't great numbers...NOW are they??
 I've had it up to here, to there, have come from down there...down there in hell..the hell, we fear not....fear not, indeed fear not...

 Italian, never white, always American, but recognized not!
 ...No...why Italian ...the wine...with the waters parted diluted to ...a hyphen.. Assimilate, dialate, dilute....pollute w/ abundunza pollute that which is water to the wine.... 
Waters parted...and now we're white... I'm telling you I've had it!

 I had it up to here.. Not all things are Black and White- Italian Am I Wrong or right..rules to break..satisfy the need,..rules to the price...fall on the sword, accept the heat. Rules to breaks the fun we make..."do as I say, not as I do" were the rules we HAD to follow....
"But you got Caught" was the burden for which the price paid... You compete with life, do all you want, yes the risk,but oh what "fun."... Pay the price - shut your mouth Oh woe is me, 

“Dad,...bail me out, I don't belong,

 take him out Officer, that's my son... 

 The Jone's while being swept upward, must keep up, never mind air is thin, awareness thinner, feeling faint, so high, looking down 
... ON Others,... lucky are we the anointed ones...yes anointed, for we know better, better than those and yes even we "think we know.” 
Not all things are Black and White!


  1. Somehow in the simplistic dealings of the left (liberalism) we are reduced to race; virtually black and white.

    It's too complicated for liberals when assigning benefits and penalties (i.e. "Affirmative Action") to recognize that there is much more diversity amongst white people than there is amongst blacks.

    Ethnicity might not be important to liberals but it IS important to people who recognize themselves by their ethnicity. The very same people who demand multiculturalism and diversity, refuse to acknowledge the diversity within the white race.

    In the liberal scheme of things, white people are not allowed any identity other than to being white. The funny thing is most white people do not think of themselves as being white, except in the context and in juxtaposition verses blacks.

  2. Excellent,...clarification..Salute..