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Saps, Suckers, and Sissys ....are USa America's heartland, ...Obama,...Anti-Christ?

Suckers, America's heartland, ...Obama,...Anti-Christ?
The Obama Media from the McCarthy ERROR forward...He is EFFECT not CAUSE

 Confrontation not, good manners, mind your own business, and follow the "Golden Rule."
 Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.....uh huh....Suckers.....Beyond Puke, will be glad you did.

 It is this, that I speak,  from which the collapse of our civilization is at our DOOR STEP!
Good people don't typically do that which isn't out of kindness.

Natural law dicates that the INERTIA perpetuated by good nature of educated, and civilized people breed naivete. The BlameStream Media's greatest weapon....Ourselves.

24/7 saturation of gratification before dedication,.. squared by constant traditional culture De-Education executed artfully the the liberal media.
De-EDUCATION, RE-education, NO education, plenty of MIS-information, Incitement, no insight, investigate not information, no reporting, just promoting it is this the BraindrainSTREAM media's manipulation of society'sbehavior. Actually worse...the Dumbing DOWN of those subject to  CelebityITIS.
With the help of Hollywood Celebrities, infecting our society with the notion that to be "COOl" is EVERYTHING.

 40 years and more - with the help of "abuse of the first ammendment" this LameStreamMedia  convinced too many of you nice, civilized, "White FOLK" that in fact..WE  (NOT ME- I'm Italian) "did it to them"

Victim's Dejour, the more the merrier, after all..without self awareness many Priviliged Whites see this as a validation to their station in life, not understanding the difference between better off to better than.
Now,....Victims, listen up..... as a this new enabled society...

you are to be celebrated by holding yourself as part of a society that "owes" YOU..
.yes know who you are...the "enabled ones......and us white folk, education and kind...with an understanding attitude and a forgiving nature.

We are going to start spreading the your hand out?  "I thought you want me to shake it...well"...yes, of course...spreading the wealth...How soon we forget,....err or just take it for granted....

 INDEED.. No matter your offense, or lack of contribution...we know their must be a reason, that"there but for the Grace of God go I"
You know we are  Christians after all.  After all how else could I act if I'm not to be those who oppose me..

Two rules from Olinsky's "RULES FOR RADICALS"
His fourth rule is: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.

The fourth rule carries within it the fifth rule:

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.

Victims, infected with victimitis, happy to see yourself as LOSERS, not even willing to TRY to get out of your LOW CLASS enviornment...
that is why LOW CLASS is a double entendre, you chose to stay there, for anyone can get out...I have...after 15 years of living the life of a LOSER....yes, I did it...

Your value to the architechts of this simply that of a LOW class of people content to be pawns.  We pray for you, we don't, are being those who are bring a CHANGE.
We DO KNOW of those to blame...and yet....we still dine with them.

Victims all of us...soon we are all consumed with "SOMETHING" being wrong....Listening to the NONEWs is GOODnews NEWSHOUR...we are convinced we are now with the downtrodden...Misery loves company, but....a three day seminar...give us a break!

You are the subject and objects and symbols of America's failure and you are the fuel that energizes dissent those whose only intent is for Change. With TV, CABLE and everywhere else, low life behavior is CELEBRATED by the romancing and exploitation of that which well meaning parents often have to shield their children from just to have a fair chance a moral thinking life.

 You feel empowered..someone sees it through YOUR EYES.,"
 You will register, you will register many times, you will forget who you will believe this is your duty....hey, not bad...cha-ching....

Low life, NOW it is time to VOTE EARLY, vote often..
.don't worry, there are those to help you.  We will set our alarm clock, get you dressed, put you on the bus, escort you, escort you the door, wait for your return....and...oh..."here's a buck."
Wake up America....Don't you think this just a TAD BIT PROBLEMatic s...come on, ...

The Change Will Come
A RADICAL CHANGE - one that will lead to a different civilization as we know it.....Communism-like model.
Yes, Now we are voting organizer....Internship, or better yet...code for "get the vote out early." 

Lets buy the election, lets use other peoples money to get elected, lets enable the Low class, confuse the Middle class, ignore the working class or the LOWER MIDDLE CLASS take from the upper class, and lets just be assured that by early registrations, led by more and more early voting, ...

No c'mon my fellow American take it from a CON--err worries Obama..
.my record is published and engraved in caves, never mind law enforcement archives...take your best shot....Just remember..

I did my my time, I'm not the one on trial this time.....Democracy is..
I'm Italian, I see you Anglo's  played out as suckers, the anglo civilization is just plain stupid, naive,...basically good folk, but geez gang...
Your being laughed at from many all over the world, ..who truly understand the Primal Nature of Man.....
You might visit those who have visited experiences of others.

Machiavelli.."The Prince."

"Rules for Radicals."  Sol Olinsky
don't worry about the book, just search it on the web, sure..."GOOGLE IT" we are all so brand oriented...and just take a gander and wonder....what History could teach us...before the White House...becomes the "Bleak House."
 Its your's to lose....that which many PATRIOTIC lives lost have passed on to you.
And for the Tuesday, that which is next from the first is no longer, ...and the...
...the tradition of voting on a particular day will be more image than reality...after all....over HALF BILLION dollars of cash flow through the DrainStream Media's filter.. As thoughts from our ANTI-CHRIST potitical agenda of control via the puppeteers of the very, very, wealthy, intent on obtaining power by Change... is absorbed in the subconscience of all TOO MANY of Us...NOT me...remember, I'm Italian, ...too REALLY cool, to not see this as if I can .....TOUCH it!

Change is coming..
of our culture as we know it...
NO turning back...Simply....Beyond Puke.  Get out your vote, no matter what...I cannot, please do so in behalf of my acknowledged mistakes, albeit those that enable me to KNOW that I KNOW all of this

I'm simply embarrassed.
 I value words, without a  higher education...just a higher mindset.
 Not born from privlege, but  PRIVILEGED  to live in America.
 We lost it...The last great generation, "graced" us with One DeGeneration after another, and soon on to a third.  No turning back.

It’s the culture stupid!.
Thank you!
Tony Venuti experiential, social philosopher
Ex-Con, Newspaper Publisher, Talk show host

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