Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What IS a Troll. How to Determine

How to determine a troll?

Do they post  or simply respond to posts?

Do they add to the conversation or attempt to Sabotage the conversation?

Are they "more patient" than you would expect?  If so...they are PAID trolls...

Does the administrator of the group or page identify themselves as such and their political agenda?....(If not...the page/group was put up BY a Troll)

Researcher's study of fours years of what a troll

4 Pillars Of TrollingNot all trolls are the same, but here are some calling cards, according to Whitney Phillips.
1. Self-ID. Trolls think of themselves as trolls and usually aren't afraid to say it.
2. Vernacular. It's always changing and often grammatically incorrect on purpose and has previously included terms such as "plox" (please), "fap" (masturbation), and "sauce" (asking for the source of an image).
3. Lulz. This pointed laughter is the troll reward, virtual troll food, an acknowledgement and reaction to a troll attack that is more participatory than regular laughter.
4. Anonymity. The center of a troll's power, it's the virtual cloak that lets a sane person acts a little insane online.

African Version of the Bill of Rights...America's?

Black America of the 60's coming back, having never left....
Replace our "Bill of Rights" with the the African Version?....We have the African Version..
New Orleans
Los Angeles
Trenton, NJ...Hdqts and basic training
Enough of the African Version of "rights"

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Operation Wetback 1954...we did it then.....Keeping secrets?

In 1954, Operation Wetback forced the return of thousands of illegal immigrants to Mexico.[44] Between 1944 and 1954, "the decade of the wetback," the number of illegal immigrants coming from Mexico increased by 6,000 percent.
This is OUR land. This is not "your" land.

We are a nation of LAWS....not of men, not of immigrants, not of Socialism, but OF Capitalism.

The Political manifestation created to administrate Capitalism is called CONSERVATISM.

Some people care less of the political manifestation and more for the nuts and bolts...of being FREE to create the MONEY that drives the government's conservative manifestation.

We are SOVEREIGN...we are the boss of OURSELVES

It is estimated that, in 1954, before Operation Wetback got under way, more than a million workers had crossed the Rio Grande illegally. Cheap labor displaced native agricultural workers, and increased violation of labor laws and discrimination encouraged criminality, disease, and illiteracy.

According to a study conducted in 1950 by the President's Commission on Migratory Labor in Texas, the Rio Grande valley cotton growers were paying approximately half of the wages paid elsewhere in Texas. The United States Border Patrol aided by municipal, county, state, and federal authorities, as well as the military, began a quasi-military operation of search and seizure of all illegal immigrants.

Fanning out from the lower Rio Grande valley, Operation Wetback moved northward. Illegal immigrants were repatriated initially through Presidio because the Mexican city across the border, Ojinaga, had rail connections to the interior of Mexico by which workers could be quickly moved on to Durango.

The forces used by the government were actually relatively small, perhaps no more than 700 men, but were augmented by border patrol officials who hoped to scare illegal workers into fleeing back to Mexico.

 Ships were a preferred mode of transport because they carried the illegal workers farther away from the border than did buses, trucks, or trains. It is difficult to estimate the number of illegal immigrants that left due to the operation—most voluntarily. The INS claimed as many as 1,300,000, though the number officially apprehended did not come anywhere near this total. The program was ultimately abandoned due to questions surrounding the ethics of its implementation

Video examples of 1950 Immigration Wetback....1950's but True albeit overstated "at worse" still TRUE

Three Presidents
What did Presidents Hoover , Truman, and Eisenhower have in common?
This is something that should be of great interest for you to pass around. I didn't know of this until it was pointed out to me.
Back during the great depression, Herbert Hoover ordered the deportation of ALL illegal aliens in order to make jobs available to American citizens that desperately needed work.
Harry Truman deported over two million illegal aliens after WWII to create jobs for
Returning veterans.
In 1954 Dwight Eisenhower deported 13 million Mexicans. The program was called Operation Wetback. It was done so WWII and Korean War veterans would have a better chance at jobs. It took two years, but they deported them!
Now, if they could deport the illegal aliens back then, they could surely do it today. If you have doubts about the veracity of this information, enter Operation Wetback into your favorite search engine and confirm it for yourself.
Why, you might ask, can't they do this today? Actually the answer is quite simple. Hoover , Truman, and Eisenhower were men of honor, not untrustworthy politicians looking for votes!
Reminder: Don't forget to pay your taxes - 12 to 20 million illegal aliens – are depending on it.
(And more added every day...)

 Actors cold read facts about Immigration...their reactions ...priceless

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Liberals are ..Anti-War GenerationISTs > Anti-National Security = Anti-American-ists

Legitimizing RIOTS?
...using the founding fathers....??

allowing FOR a Moral comparison has been the JOB of the MarxOfascists 
 to distort, deceive and deny TRUTH for too dam long.

The Founders fought "rebelled" against King George 
because little georgy PROCLAIMED
 that which was OURS was HIS...

The Rebellion of King George and Public resistance are NOT of the same..


In the 60's Students who are NOW adults, and MANY in Government, Universities...actually like Cock-a-Roaches Everywhere..
Liberals have BECOME what they HATED their PARENTS for.

Multi-generations later the SPOILED BRATS who had contempt for their Parents via authority and the help of pop culture promoting (don't trust anyone OVER 30...

Now a systemic Problem in THAT those who are ELECTED to PROTECT the Constitution

Law Enforcement and the lack of respect there of ...
is simply a CARRY OVER to the Counter-Cultures', anti-establishment....

Take their Contempt, marry it up with the Communist Manifesto, square it with Alinsky's Rules for Radicals what we have is Subversion.

The same Subversion Joe McCarthy spoke of....AND

THE FEAR of NOT calling it out...No politician, No talks show hosts, no other pundits...

and with Obama ...we IN FACT have "the Manchurian Candidate"...

When you have a Community Organizer as President, 
when you have a like minded Marxist as Mayor AND Attorney General 
(those who sees our laws being followed) 
are subverted to their mandated task....
we HAVE BEEN overtaken....
and like ISLAM....
AFRAID to call it what it is.


Does "art imitate life" or doe Life imitate ART....

Let me see so confused are we...(I'm NOT)

We have from the 60's the Anti-Establishment ...the Counter - CULT-ure....or now as we say...the POP-CULTure.

One in the same... #ferguson  #Breathoffreedom  #Icanbreathfreedom 

So two generations later...the anti establishment....

who were anti authority are NOW the authority still being anti-authority as in regards to Police and Law Enforcement terms of endearment ....

DEVOLVED to COPS terms OF cop enDANGERment....

There is something going on...what it is isn't exactly clear...there is a man with a gun over there... Buffalo Springfield, "For What it is Worth"


The Anti-Christ....incarnate....the ANTI  party

The counter culture, pop-CULTure, the Anti war Generationists.....

How can the anti-war the not so White House.....rule WITHOUT ...still.....BEING anti.........

allow Tony to Illustrate....TRUTH.....

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Soap vs Water...Liberals..."can they come clean?"

Soap vs. Water....Come clean.....

A few "marginal" Pervs....sitting on the Edge of Life (as THEY know it) Just may "get this."

Liberal Hypocrisy squared......

Giving water NO chance to come CLEAN instead we have MUD......

Friday, January 25, 2013

Right OR Wrong...Caught or NOT....tis the season of the Perv....

Right OR Wrong...Caught or NOT....tis the season of the Perv....

WDDIM is the statement used by a LIAR.....Period...End of Story.....

Liberal/Pervsionists simply don't know THE Difference between
Right and Wrong...Perhaps simply synonymous !

They do know..when..I'm Caught or I am NOT

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pop's Culture's Eye Witness Blues...1950-2013...and counting DOWN

My first selection...Buffalo Springfield..."For what's it worth"

2. For my second selection, allow me to see the anti-establishment only knows one rule to govern with ...and that is Anti....Anti everything.....there is no agreeing in their mind...for then they are "giving IN to THE establishment..." remember ..."establish" can't have that...we are all doubt ....

Say what....I will say one thing and do another and you ain't going to do anything about it, cause we are all victims, I'm black, he's gay, that one is a feminsit denied equality...yes we are all anti, and together we are ganging up on little drop at at time..

Jimi Hendrix, All along the Watchtower
3.Watching the culture of the Victim...the Season of the Victim come to life and betray the wisdom of the achiever....

Success breeds complacency. Our interests no longer in the civic responsibility of a nation, but of "keeping up with the Jones"...with help of media molding our thinking patterns....

Things are a changin aren't they ...from hope and change to cope WITH the change.

Vanilla Fudge..."Season of the Witch"
Vanilla Fudge, Season of the Witch


A child in the 50's a saw "with a child's eye" my sight has never grown "old." ....aged, for sure, but I still see between the words spoken by those who are not, but for ones own best interest...their own....

We have take the male and weaken him, allowed him to be a bit more and more like a Man's world.

For the Close....Music....selection unlike any other...Presenting

Music, the Anthems of the Counter Culture...
the ballads, that brought in we knew it...the

Anti-Establishment...get it..established...up to know things were X. Being are now promoting Y....Y>? you ask....because we can and we will...

Introducing the Tool that brought in EVIL.....You got it..Pop Culture....

My first selection...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Political Pedophilia - Use of Children = Evil

Using Children is Evil....

Political Child Molesters or Diddlers.. or simply Pedophiles?

Child Abuse?

Just spent 15 minutes searching for some academia out there that speaks to Politicians and their use of Children. (amazing I can't find much)
Obama will be using kids...these child molesters will sink to the lowest of the low...while "normalizing tattoos have become normalized.

Soon in two or three more generations...90% of the lower political class will be covered in tattoos, and 50% of upper crest will be embodied in all perversions...
one little creepy step at a time...

Didn't the Communists use Children? Didn't the Nazi's use Children...? Mussolini use Children...who else?

It's the Culture Stupid...

Stop Using Your Kids To Push Your Political Agenda --

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Perv-A-lizing what is NOT an Assault Weapon

You can Perv-a-lize  Guns by calling them "assault" Weapons...but

It  IS "YOU " who is the Assault Weapon.
An assault to the Constitution,
An assault to the Bill of Rights,
An assault to Declaration of Independence attempt to STEAL our Rights that is Assaulting

I've been 'assaulted"/banned for the 15th time...Are YOU a Constitution Conservative?
Friend me, I will facebook...

CivicPreneurship- to Profit is to CARE for others

Service, ."Give"....????

Profit is UGLY...give...don't charge money for services rendered or products provided...

NO lets give them away FREE and Ask(beg) for donations for Profit is UGLY.....this "thinking" is Evil.

CivicPreneur ship needs to be promoted...that which is "profit" driven ..instead of asking for donations you sell goods or services behind the NEED of the day.

An example (and there are many)
..."for instance" Glen Beck IS a civic-Preneur.....this business about lambasting profit is evil driven.
The paradigm of this for that.......needs to advance for the cause of Conservatism.....(tv)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fools Folly, To be COOL is to be A FOOL

For the Fool, who thinks he's COOL, only being used AS Obama's Tool.....
One Fools Folly...
Liberalism is simply to BE a Damn FOOL....

Lets replace the word "cool" with fool. Everything Liberal has to be Fool.

It's Fool to be Liberal....yes? He's the Foolest person I have ever seen in any scene sinister....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Catholic Church...Western Civilization owes a debt of thanks

I could not put this book down, Read the whole thing in 'one bite." Salute....

90% of EVERY-thing this world enjoys, came from WESTERN Civilization, Europeans......(tv)

PLEASE Share this Liberally....dam, I have to stop using "that" word. You see how the left takes words, "make it theirs" and before becomes an INTUIT for Ignorant people
Woods has appeared on CNBC, MSNBC, FOX News Channel, FOX Business Network, C-SPAN, and Bloomberg Television, among other outlets, and has been a guest on hundreds of radio programs, including National Public Radio, the Dennis Miller Show, the Michael Reagan Show, the Dennis Prager Show, the G. Gordon Liddy Show, and the Michael Medved Show. He is a regular fill-in host on The Peter Schiff Show
What many are saying...
  • Tom, if I remember correctly, you are a convert to Catholicism. If you wouldn't mind sharing, I've been really curious as to what (if any) denomination you were before and what led you to the Catholic church. I welcome an in-depth response. Thanks for your time.
    • Avatar
      I'd be interested in hearing that too. The interview was fascinating, btw. I've read your book How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization and it was certainly filled with stuff I never knew. I was also surprised to hear that some people even converted to Catholicism over it! That was very surprising.
      I'm also glad that I'm not a professor of medieval history. If what you say in your book is true (it makes sense to me) then depression would be too much to bear.
      Also be careful Tom, the tin foil hat conspiracy theorists will be out accusing you of being in league with the Vatican plot for world domination. Not to mention wanting to persecute or even execute Protestants.Check out the link here ( It really is a hoot Tom! It's real short (pretty good drawings though).
      Yup, there are people who actually believe this stuff. lol.
      • I want to know what Tom thinks of all the transgressions of the Church, such as covering up paedophilea, brutal pedagogy in schools (as testified by eyewitnesses), missionaries removing children from families (such as aborigines in Australia) and all across the colonised world etc. One must expose the bad with the good. I am most impressed when the devout are transparent about this. Surely the church has been guilty of statism and abuse throughout history.
        It's a rhetorical question really, I don't expect a 1000 word dissertation in this thread.
        • Avatar
          Yes, good points. Maybe one day an in depth essay or maybe even book on the Inquisition would be good (I say this because his book did not cover the subject. Probably because that is a book in of itself.). Why? I can think of a couple of reasons. First, if the intellectuals of the Catholic Church don't defend it, who will? Second, Tom Woods is a brilliant historian (and self-taught economist too!) and an honest man. All of this kind of stuff would be interesting.
          Sorry Tom, no pressure. We're just thinking out loud. :)
    Just bought the book after reading Rev. Rhonheimer's endorsement after a birdie also recommended it a couple years ago.
  • Avatar
    that'a a fantastic interview with Bishop Sheridan; perfect summary of your book "How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization" (I still have to read "The Church and the Maket")

The Presumptive Philosopher: Normalizing Pedophilia- Perversionism not Liberal,...

The Presumptive Philosopher: Normalizing Pedophilia- Perversionism not Liberal,...:

The End of all Civilizations had one thing IN COMMON....the promotion OF and the Practice OF....Pedophilia......Libs....GETTING their PE...

Normalizing Pedophilia- Perversionism not Liberal, NOT Progressive

The End of all Civilizations had one thing IN COMMON....the promotion OF and the Practice OF....Pedophilia......Libs....GETTING their PERV on.....relentless....
from the post...
The reclassification of pedophilia as a sexual orientation would, however, play into what Google calls "the sexual liberation discourse", which has existed since the 1970s. "There are a lot of people," she says, "who say: we outlawed homosexuality, and we were wrong. Perhaps we're wrong about pedophilia."

If we're not friends yet...and you are a Conservative, please friend me....

"birds of a feather.." ...I'm restricted for the 10th time...