Wednesday, June 24, 2015

68 teams START the NCAA tourney 2016 Republican Candidates #13

What the HELL gives with the assumption that the same principle of the NCAA tournament finding the BEST team there is via COMPETITION....but

Let the CREME de la CREME have the FREEDOM to rise to the top....ELECT...don't SELECT!

Logical Progression of thought suggests the MORE the MERRIER

The 2016 Presidential Election and its numberous candidates is BAD....what kind of thinking Illogically is this..?  Totally nomological




adjective: nomological

  1. relating to or denoting certain principles, such as laws of nature, that are neither logically necessary nor theoretically explicable, but are simply taken as true.


mid 19th century: from Greek nomos ‘law’ + -logical (see -logy).

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