Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Day WRONG became RIGHT Learning Right from Wrong...and now ...the BAD guys win. Thank Hollow-Wood

 The Day WRONG became RIGHT
Per the Manifesto's #25 & #26
Your not so humble "Experiential Philosophical Provocateur" was born in 1950, remember the movies of then...all of em...not "just John Wayne....
we who lived then knew James Stewart, Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark, Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum....many crossovers from our parents generation...they were Men who articulated bravery, and yes...chauvinism.

No matter, war movies where America is the good guy....standing up for "truth, justice and the American way...."...dam...even that truism comes from the popCULTure...again...

Cowboys and Indians....yes ..we understood the injustice THEN.  Big whoop I would think as a child...its' NOW...and I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE.  

It was always the good guy, in the end, winning over the bad guy....Black hats, White hats....good and bad.

THEN we Hollywood marxist leftist one world progressives took advantage of Arts ability to SHAPE conventional wisdom.

If you really want to know what we flipped....correlate when the bad boy, was being celebrated en masse, look for when BAD was seen as sexy and ultimately...the rebel, the rogue...became COOL.
We were flipped with the assistance of a trick.  Soon even presumed and acknowledge good guys wore black hats

You will see that about the time Hollow-Wood took over is also the time when the "don't trust anyone over 30" crowd populated the universities...the anti-war generationist  became the NEW establishment.

Bill Ayers and Dinesh 
The Weather Underground & Bill Ayers now a university professor.

When Wrong became Right!

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