Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pro-ACTIVE TRUMP rallies at MEDIA OUTLETS in USA...NBC, ABC, CBS join me

The PreTRUMPtive Nominee

The Media against Trump....

as Joe McCarthy FALTERED behind the LIES the Media perpetuated ..

Trump has a counter to that...it's called Social Media, Conservative Talk....AND our ability to 

bring it to the MEDIA

A Pro-TRUMP rally at Major media OUTLETS throughout the Country.  
 Imagine....10's and hundreds, perhaps thousands of people HAUNTING local affiliates throughout the USA in support of Trump. TO be effective...NEVER should this be a "one time" event.
Imagine a Vote Trump for President "protest"...a pro-ACTIVE protest. Imagine that..
Any thoughts from Trump supporters here?

 Tony's awesome "Media" memes 







  I really wish upon a dream

The We the People would articulate THIS truth...correctly.

We the People have NEVER been silent....
The Media and the popCULTure....took our voice from us.  SILENCED we the people.

When the tree falls and no one reports it....it simply didn't happen.

The opposite of love is not hate..it's indifference....lets get this narrative RIGHT.



For one year, I and ONLY one or two more joined me...every other week for one full year.  Perhaps a Trump rally can galvanize a group worthy of a TRUMP Rally.


I had over twenty signs spread out around the block of Tucson's NBC's outlet KVOA-Tucson


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