Saturday, May 28, 2016

a College education without Ambition, Effort, is NOT "education" ...a Trick, a Ruse

see the clip below from Bill Whittle...awesome.

#TrumpUniversity vs Government imposed college loans/large student debt.
It's a Ruse, a TRICK, a diversion from the TRUE enemy to college students...our own government....using the Hegelian Dialectic....
Problem > reaction > solution....all by the design from the #marxistleft propelled by he #marxistmedia

 So why all the talk of College education?

Our Marxist Leftist government use this RUSE to control via re-indoctrination. 

 Step ONE
you take over the college loans, and make it unaffordable to anyone without money to pay for their "education" forcing the need for loans. 

Step TWO 
Increase regulations and taxes on business to force the outsourcing of jobs overseas while increasing the use of H-1B visas for foreign workers to displace Americans

Step Three
You use the education process to psychologically handcuff and make dependent those who buy into the popCULT of education being the primary source of success...ignoring the truth that, in fact, 

Vocational schools? The obvious solution for those more apt with their hands than their scholarship - LEAVE no room for this in the "need for education" conversation.
This is the manipulation process the progressives USE

Ambition TRUMPS Talent

Ambition is ACTION oriented characteristic.
The Vehicle of Education without the FUEL of Ambition and Effort goes NO-where FAST!

"I enjoy my work" Was my intuitive working...

Sitting in a maximum security cell, Twenty three years of age, ....watching the Jerry Lewis telethon.  A member of the Hollow Wood community, Forget who it was that was  being greeted by Jerry, but suffice it to say it was a high level entertainer, that WHEN he articulated about the joy in participating with Jerry by bring his "WORK" the

Consider this..

There are those that would do what they like to do, no motivation needed...would probably do it for free...but they ARE getting paid big bucks...ok....

Consider work as when those factory, industry, labor, routine,...every two hours looking at their watch for their next break, nailing it at closing time....on the dot...That's work...particularly those with callouses on their hands..

Then there are those who it...let me nail it for you...."Work is when you prefer to be doing something else...Period!

Consider this natural law.  Your Inalienable rights, who you are if not granted good fortune by past generations, without such LUCK, you do HAVE, your time...your time and how you value it.  What you do to make YOUR time worth more.

This we are all equal in....Ambition trumps talent and, often, good fortune...

New Paradigm....
Based on the premise that "Work" is when you prefer to be doing something else...than lets put a value where you heart is.  To the degree to which one is enjoy their "work"...lets pay them less..for after all, they would do it for free, right?....Consider all those in the arts, entertainment, give me a break..if the system was set up...they would do anything to be in the IN Crowd, and be loved by all, they hunger for it...

So if you are doing dirty work, low end work, so to speak,...but you are stepping up...than you should be paid for doing the dirty work....

          Bill Whittle's latest take on Bernie Sander's "free college"


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