Saturday, August 20, 2016

To BE PopUlarIzed is to WORSHIP popCULT's contempary wisdom....suckers!

Why its not about right vs is US vs THEM ...becoming #popularized is the ONLY explanation

American Traditions TRAMPLED... 

Marx /Engels understood that without SOFTENING the target by displacing our Family and Church as the CENTER of our belief system...using the media to create a "new" #conventionalwisdom

......what is HAPPENING today...could of never happened without....

replaced with the PopCULTure....,   #popCULT  #popculture

Saps, suckers and sissies.....there IS no (free) party...only RESPONSIBILITY in BEING FREE

The Pop-CULTure IS Liberalism....Liberalism is Pop-Cult induced via becoming #popularized

 (the notion of the need to be in the IN CROWED.)  Powerful stuff for those with little self image and the need to BE identified by those whom you "look up to in Hollow-wood"

The problem....too many on BOTH sides BUY INTO the popCULT and by doing so...are supporting the very TACT that is bringing

I suggest we stop buying into the mickey mouse to speak.

Liberalism IS the Pop Culture...(tv)

How did the divide happen?
....the Culture divided.  PopCulture displacing American Culture...

all things perverted stem FROM the popCULT.
Marxist philosophy, sedition in our government...

re-education in the schools and universities.
Liberalism will always BEND to the PopCULTure..for 

A.  it IS a cult, and 

 Buffalo Springfield...a classic.

B.  they ARE the Cult...of pop.
This works out as precise as a mathematical equation is intended to.....
The Pop-Culture IS Liberalism.....just as Marx's and Engel engineered....

It started so long ago...the psycho-dynamic use of media to allow masses of people spread throughout the whole country to feel like they were ONE...
To become Popularized is simply the part of the human condition that once the re-Condition human identifies with his or her friends one hardly knows....
"The INN Crowd"

Go along, to get what it is all about ...running along nicely in the subconscious.  
Its a twisted affair to have your VALUES intertwined with that of popCulture's. The fact is YOU CAN'T....and that's the hook.

You must disavow authority of parents, teachers, and ALL authority.  Remember, don't trust anyone of 30?

I call em the anti-war generationists
You fall into this trap with sex, drugs and fun...JUST for the fun of it...
Once is no longer about right and wrong...but what the popCULT is telling you what is right and what is wrong

The PopCulture is perpetuated by "master minds" our universities, think tank..  (Frankfurt School) ...they align with the journalism "profession."

However ARTISTS control the narrative..

Just as Media and high tech met....Walt Disney days...Life imitated illustrated right from celebrated our American traditional morality. 
                                      "Along came Mary" the song goes....along came Mary
the ARTIST...and as the left was taking hold in the mid fifties, and the 60's and all of the great music...
that all of us celebrated, in fact, helped...
demoralize America and the Pop CULTure was the antidote to our need of acceptance to behavior that ARTISTS via the use of persuasion in their art...

 LIBERALISM therefore is simply a state of mind that an club, cult, has to BE PART of it...their ETHOS is liberalism....

Liberalism IS the popCulture...the PopCULTure is Liberalism

More on this with the idea of Critical Theory and Cultural Marxism being all part of the "Masterminds" that do our thinking for them....

Armed with Hollywood and the are able to control the message, define the terms, and keep the good will of "We the People"
....the last things on their minds..

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