Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ignorance is bliss, but sure enjoys the company it keeps with misery...

"it is the universal custom and practice of monarchical & Arbitrary governments to train up their subjects as much in IGNORANCE as they can...and to teach them to reverence and WORSHIP great men in office and to take to truth WHATEVER THEY SAY" 

Page 26, from "Jefferson's Second Revolution"..

 Liberals, Collectivists, Progressives...etc....
Why hate Authority...Parents...Conservatives?

Because we GET IN THE WAY of "ignorance is bliss"....

Promoting the truth gets in the way of this pull quote from a Thomas Jefferson, pull quote

                           Ignorance + Misery = Liberalism

                                              Obama?  Be careful what you wish for....2 min.

Don't feel offended when charged with Ignorance, it simply means....

Ignorant = Not knowing
Dumb = Not knowing even when explained
Stupid = Knowing, but not accepting
Idiot = Knowing, not accepting, AND spewing the converse.....(tv)

                                                   The Intro trailer to the Idiocracy

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