Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baby Boomers NEW beginning.....

The Communist Manifesto: Baby Boomers NEW beginning.....: For what it's worth-The Buffalo Springfield. listen as you read my thoughts....(tv)     Baby Boomers, Unintended cons...

For Every Action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Now where could I have gotten that?
     Every coin has two sides (don’t forget the edge, making it three).  Those with vision see the “unintended consequences” (or price), using “natural laws,” logic, deduction, and reasoning…a requirement when looking at the logical progression of thought.

    Our price was the loss of family values, more specifically quality family time, not only between entire families, but also between Fathers and Sons, and Mothers and Daughters.
    We chose to replace that time with gifts and trinkets to our children to keep them happy, TV’s and electronic games to keep them busy having fun because we didn’t have as much time as we wanted to be with them……not really, many of you didn’t. My Mother, bless her soul she gave me MY Identity.  SELF Image sustained me, not Image,  Image lacking the fuel now has their vanity to feed as well.

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