Thursday, June 12, 2014

Liberal Privilege vs White Privilege - explained

                                    Liberal Privilege? 

You CAN be Dumb - be smarter with Us.

You Can be UGLY - we make you beautiful

You can be Evil...- We will make you Virtuous

You can be Greedy we will make you Generous

You can be a Hypocrite - we will ignore that one

You can be Dishonest we will make you honest

You can be a Thief, We will make you a giver..

You can be Un-Qualified, we will make you Qualified

 Anti-White explained...great clip.

You can NOW Vote more than once

You can now be Illegal, we will NOT prosecute but persecute those who blame you.

You can have a baby and kill it....we'll call it "pro choice" (to kill a baby)

You can NOT work and will pay you anyway...

You CAN do any dam thing you want.....and we won't hold you accountable for squat.

Yes, you long as you GO ALONG to GET ALONG being Liberal/Progressive/leftwinger/lefty/Marxist/Democrat

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