Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tea Party DEFINED...It's an ATTiTUDE Stupid!

The Baby Boomers....Three generations ago.....

During the greatest economic boom of our time.....boomers were sucked into...myths of epic proportion.

The American Dream

Keeping up with the Jones

You "owe" it to your children to give them a better life than that before yours. (is anything ever good enough?)

These myths created spoiled brats by a good 50% of all Upper middle class children.  These 50% turned into 75% by the second generation and into the third generation

The Parents of the 50's Went "on vacation". (for three generations..seemingly, leaving the responsibility of the household to their children.

Before leaving Parents gave PRECISE instructions....NO Parties, take care of OUR house. (now, still a very fine house) until...

the Parents came back to see their "white" House not only TRASHED but occupied by NON-OWNERS proclaiming..."possession is 9/10ths the Law.

"Cat's in the Cradle"  How it hapenned.  Thanks, Dad.

Well now that the Parents have returned....are determined to TAKE their 'white' House BACK

The TEA Party is an a Belief systems that identifies the term "the silent majority" as a mistaken term....the SilencED Majority NOT to be ALL the TEA Party Is...

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