Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I have Life Figured OUT....Men talk about woman, woman talk about men.

Pop Culture IS OF the LEFT....via Liberalism is a MaNIFESTATION of EVIL.

I have LIFE figured OUT.

Men talk about woman, woman talk about men.

the battle of the sexes, a man's perspective @1:17:00 into the show
Whites talk about blacks, blacks talk about whites.

Evil talks about virtue...(you're not perfect)
Virtue talks about Evil...(be accountable)

Heterosexuals talk about homosexuals,
Homosexuals talk about heterosexuals...

well..here's the THING...

Its a PEOPLE question...man's inhumanity towards man.".....don't be a sucker.....for so very long....its THIS simple..


People are born to be bad, raised to be BETTER or NOT>>

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