Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tony's daily fb blogposts 12/3/14

White Privilege is a TRICK BAG-Reject it on its FACE.....don't defend truth against JIVE.


What do you agree with MORE..??
Hands UP, Don't SHOOT? OR
Two Hands on the Wheel....?

One is a life OR two saver...the other is a Life wasted? 

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Who should be added to the list...?

If a commie-dian "can say anything"....does it follow that an outlaw, past, present or future can DO ANYTHING one wishes? 


For those who respect NOT the LAW or Law Enforcers....your lack of support for THEM as THEY support, protect and DIE for YOU>...

believe it or not....cause many "cops" ....from which this language encourages lack of have an early retirement...FACT!

: Help Wanted..Police Officers in "Anycity" any STATE.

Must be prepared to DIE....for protecting USa all from low lives..

Must be prepared to be more guilty than THE guilty one.

Must be possession of the Power of Certainty....for it will be the only company you will keep when LIFE HAPPENs..and RESIGN even when RIGHT...

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