Sunday, January 18, 2015

Obama's MIDDLE CLASS is the LOW CLASS....suckers, saps and sissies

When Obama brings out "middle class" he really is saying Low CLASS.

Ever wonder why the LOW CLASS  is NEVER mentioned.....?

It's because YOU ALL are being played for SUCKERS.....and the Media is assisting.....err leading the way....

simply by allowing this false narrative without challenge.

Low Class are those who use and abuse the system of FREE matter the color  (black and or white is an UNcolor....see spectrum)

It's the MIDDLE CLASS that Obama is destroying by design.

Like ISIS and "radical muslims"....when we don't call it what it is....we cannot defeat it...

SAPS and SUCKERS for those not calling the LOW CLASS out for just what it is...Parasites

State of Union address.....Targeting the "middle class."....uh huh...don't buy it....unless you believe in LIES

Obama's "Middle Class" is REALITIES "entitlement" class or as I say...the LOW CLASS....

Define your terms OR someone WILL define them for you...

Suckers, Saps and Sissies....word play here....

OBAMA's middle class is a trick bag

Bill Whittle on the Middle Class
 Bill Whittle Rocks on the Middle Class

Middle Class being destroyed by Obama

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