Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rope-a-DOPE, Distract, Delay, Working in OPPOSITION-SUCKERS!

Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Collectivists, FASCISTS-ALL work in one way ONLY....

IN OPPOSITION....when there is nothing to OPPOSE, one will BE Fabricated....

The OJ Trial....saw OBFUSCATION work...and is now the way...all opposition works in conjunction with the rope-A-DOPE treatment.

The OJ TRIAL gave the world the notion that VIRTUE is best distracted when providing contradictions, voluminous to the point of NEUTRALIZING critical thought.  
Lawyers learned that the default position of virtuous people is NEUTRAL ....
people  were taught subliminally NOT to CONVICT (cause we can't PROVE IT)


verb \ˈäb-fə-ˌskāt; äb-ˈfəs-ˌkāt, əb-\
: to make (something) more difficult to understand

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