Friday, April 10, 2015

Pre-Traumatic Stress Syndrome & Police Shootings - Say Environmentalists

Shooting in South Carolina....Pre-traumatic stress syndrome

From depression to substance abuse to suicide and post-traumatic stress disorder, growing bodies of research in the relatively new field of psychology of global warming suggest that climate change will take a pretty heavy toll on the human psyche as storms become more destructive and droughts more prolonged. For your everyday environmentalist, the emotional stress suffered by a rapidly changing Earth can result in some pretty substantial anxieties . . . 
Global warming change to Urban Crime
Climate change  change to FEAR
Storm................change to Disrespect for the Law
remove droughts prolonged
Everyday environmentalist change to Police Officer
Earth, Change to Culture.

Now when you read this with the exchange of words reads perfectly IN DEFENSE of Police Officer Shootings and Pre-Traumatic Stress...if it is good for MUST be relevant for the Police.....otherwise...major hypocrisy
Lise Van Susteren, a forensic psychiatrist based in Washington, D.C. — and co-author of the National Wildlife Federation’s report — calls this emotional reaction “pre-traumatic stress disorder,” a term she coined to describe the mental anguish that results from preparing for the worst, before it actually happens.
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If the "collectivist left" can bring out the notion of this new found has to include all STRESS, correct? 

Explanations of PTSD focus primarily on the way that the mind is affected by traumatic experiences. 

Theorists speculate upon facing overwhelming trauma, the mind is unable to process information and feelings in a normal way. 

It is as if the thoughts and feelings at the time of the traumatic event take on a life of their own, later intruding into consciousness and causing distress.

Pre-traumatic psychological factors (for example, low self-esteem) may make this process worse (for example, low self-esteem may be reinforced by a brutal rape).

 Post-traumatic reactions by others (for example, a raped woman who is viewed by family as “dirty”) and by the self (for example, physical discomfort caused by memories of the rape) may also play a role in influencing whether such symptoms persist. 
Don't Run from POLICE...Save your own LIFE from un-intended consequences

It is hypothesized that only after successful reprocessing of the traumatic event(s) do PTSD symptoms decrease.
Mental Illness consideration much like the LEFT proclaims ALWAYS...moral relevancy.

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