Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Trump NOT giving any "meat and potatoes" to the media....why should HE...the Media's meat grinder

Words to the WISE and the NO SO Wise.

Trump isn't giving details.....correct...why you ask?  Why Should he...REALLY.

You know, I know...any and all substantive answers will be treat as RAW meat by the MEAT GRINDERS in the Media.

Much more difficult to PUT crumbs through the Media's grinder

Trump has Well over a Year before the ELECTIONS...and over Four Months to the first Primary.

So, allow me to interpret.  

As long as he remains high in the polls...don't be expecting anything more...he will continue to give crumbs...

while not giving something as BIG as a Slice of bread, never mind the loaf...

to be run through the Media's meat grinder.

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