Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Intellectual with little wisdom Or a Wise person but not an "intellectual? Your choice is?

Question...please reply....

What's has more value...
An intellectual with little wisdom


a Wise person but not an "intellectual?
People read books, people write books...few live the lives that many read and write about

Wisdom = Experience x Knowledge squared by the intuitive....

Great article on the genesis of "the" elites

Power MonopolizedFrom the moment when a single member of the natural elite successfully monopolized the function of judge and peacemaker, law and law enforcement became more expensive. Instead of being offered free of charge or in exchange for voluntary payment, it was financed by a compulsory tax. At the same time, the quality of law deteriorated. Rather than upholding ancient private property laws and applying universal and immutable principles of justice, a monopolistic judge, who did not have to fear losing clients as the result of being less than impartial, would pervert the existing law to his own advantage.

Broadly speaking, dialectic (Greek: διαλεκτική) is a word-homonym (i.e. having a few meanings).
The first meaning of dialectic is to have a discussion and exchange opinions, among which there could be propositions (theses) and counter-propositions (antitheses) resulting in a synthesis of the opposing assertions, or at least a qualitative transformation in the direction of the dialogue or progress. The aim of the first meaning of dialectic is to try to resolve the disagreement through rational discussion.
Discussions had various forms. Traditionally they were held in the form of Symposia and Forums.

 Do you know? Do you KNOW that you know....or do you "think" you KNOW?

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