Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Hypocrisyism" - New Heights/Depths of Depravity

A new term...relevant in the light of the volume two sided Journalists

According to NewsBusters, since the Jesse Jackson, Jr. scandal broke last week, ABC, CBS, and NBC refused to identify him as a Democrat in 73% of their stories (11 out of 15). In the week following the Elliot Spitzer scandal, they refused to identify him as a Democrat 80% of the time.
In 22 stories following the John Corzine scandal in 2011, he was only labelled a Democrat once (1 out of 22). In 2008, jailbird Kwame Kilpatrick was only identified as a Democrat twice in 40 network stories. Compare that to Mark Sanford: In the 24 hours after that scandal broke, all three networks had already identified him as a Republican. It took them 5 days to identify Jackson as a Democrat.

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