Monday, March 3, 2014

Picket the Media Day TEN 3/13/ a reviews of Day NINE 2/27/14

 Picketing the Media

Week Nine2/27/14)...Thursday.....moving forward this seemingly..a review
 psychological exercise. 

The employees don't look at all, and it looks like they try real hard not to look. They, the employees,..etc.. 

But....there, they're in their cars.....peeking at us after they get out....through the bushes.  

This was week're getting a few waves, typically from the lowly types there, the "stars" stay away totally.

The executives tossed me a few "hi's with a gesture of a wave....
I fear (err they fear) they find it difficult NOT to LIKE me...(confusing...)

this is the tact they use on US, I use on takes TIME, Tenacity and the Power of Certainty for we will NEVER LosE....losing, not withstanding...

With any luck, I will still be alive when I see the day of NO more than TEN, no less than one Patriot will be keeping intellectual VIGIL  at every media outlet in the land.....Sentry duty through the centuries...

Keeping the Media HONEST as it was their job, initially to keep the Government HONEST.

Day Ten had to be moved up a week to 3/13/14 due to an injury with my hand.... 

Challenging anyone to catch my heat or to throw your "heat" pat all American Pastime...while challenging the Media to tell the truth....  Click on link to view this video
Play Ball, and a new past we picket truth deniers 

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