Tuesday, May 27, 2014

'Operation American Spring' Protesters March on White House

Picket the Media

Picket the Media to the POWER of TEN

Contributors: You (owner), Jill Arizona, Mary J Essenmacher and 2 others
December 2013 · · Taken at KVOA, Tucson
Time to give to that which has given usA all so much....OUR FREEDOM...(it's not free....)

Thursday, Feb. 13....DaY 8 "we ain't stoppin!" NBC Studio's tucson's
KVOA...3pm -5:30... Picketing the Media..to ."the power of ten

the GOAL....to have EVERY media outlet IN THE Country with no more than
10 no less than ONE patriot everyday...until they stop calling Tea
Party and the like...radicals... we don't stop until MEDIA stops....the



Benghazi...Could of the White House have ignored with success if it was NOT for the MEDIA?

Fast & Furious...Could the White House have ignored with success IF it was NOT for the MEDIA?

COULD....the IRS scandal continue to be ignored if it WAS NOT for the MEDIA??

COULD our System of government been USURPED if it WAS NOT for the Media?

Could the good people of America actually be COWARDs for NOT taking it to the Media? ....answer...


if the shoe fits...wear it...or join me "if you can"...(see you already have an out)

The In Crowd.....the answer to why are liberals to tuned in...to those that are not in their own best interests...


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