Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Canary in the Mine Shaft - Mental Illness, Massacres, and Pop-CULT-ure > Amoral Society is what we have!

We all know about the Canary in the mine shaft.

 We have learned that in a mine you are at risk from dying from what you are NOT seeing.  

We know that if we see a Canary die...even though we as people don't see, feel, smell or are otherwise made award of our imminent death...we do BELIEVE from empirical info what our senses don't.

The Media, those in Hollo-wood will dispute that our Culture, movies etc are not the's the those who are Mentally Ill only that are affect...


     All of the signs of the demise of our culture are with us today: the hostility toward religion, the breakup of the family, the declining view of life, the appetite immorality, the violence and crime, and the declining middle class are coupled with an federal government on the brink of insolvency, whose leaders are living off of society's moral decay leading to the loss of leadership and moral will.

 The education system has robbed our of a classic education; seduced them through deceit and outright lies; 

the court system has given us "rights" we never owned; the criminal justice system does not provide justice for those who are mistreated; legislators have legalized immoral behavior; and our national leaders have set an example of immorality.  

 Click on link to read what the Canary was saying.
Ten Signs of a Amoral Society...consistent with Communist Manifesto 

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