Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I am a Sexist, Proud and Loud. It's Nature, Naturally....Stupid!

I am A Sexist.
Men talk about woman, woman talk about men.
the battle of the sexes, a man's perspective @1:17:00 into the show

I AM a Sexist, standing proud, speaking LOUD.

I Believe Woman nurture, Men protect & Provide....I am...
a sexist.
Celebrate the Human Condition or at your own PERIL become the re-Conditioned HUMAN

I Believe our Mothers and our Sisters serve the Family NOT the MILITARY, I AM a sexist.

I Believe that the UNIVERSE is a violent place where Men and Woman have different roles...I am a Sexist.

I Believe that Family is an equation of one man + one woman makes ONE together making "another" one IS Family, I am a Sexist.

I believe that Woman is EQUAL to MAN, but NOT the SAME, I am a Sexist.

I believe that Trial & ERROR over 5,000 years demonstrated that FAMILY is how a Society becomes and maintains a CIVILization. I am a SEXIST.

I believe a Man who treats his WIFE like a PRINCESS had a Queen for a Mother....I AM....

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