Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Reject-A-ISM - The only acceptable ISM - Being a rejectavist

Reject-A-ISM  - The only acceptable ISM

REJECT all perv statements - Bring out the rejectavist in you.

The Power of Certainty is all you need.  Reject actively those who project false logic.  
They come in many forms....presumptive generalizations in the abstract, polls, surveys, studies.

Fight with your sharp minds - and KNOWledge of right and wrong...those who Ridicule....

Do NOT argue with a false premise. Acquire and accept your "power of certainty"

....and look to Prove NOTHING...simply state it...reject theirs and move on....
leave with a ....sense of Clarity saving the day....

Do NOT argue with someone NOT worthy of your time.....find that out and leave....

Reject WORDS used to replace the WORDS that matter....

Liberals use words and us of Virtue accept those co-opted words.
I reject Gay...means happy...instead HOMOSEXUAL
I reject Diversity it means reverse racism.
I reject unlawful immigrant, its illegal invasion....(excuse redundancy)
I reject War on Woman it means the race card dollar bill now a wooden nickel
I reject "lack of transparency" ITS a LIE
I reject White ''....its a crayon....Caucasian works
I reject "Black"....Its a Crayon....Negroid works
I reject Italian being WHITE..."I'm not a Crayon."
I reject "Hispanic"....invented by NIXON to further group all

I REJECT "lack of transparency"....I can hear my mother now...

"Anthony, I'm spanking you for your lack of transparency to me..."


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