Friday, September 5, 2014

Race > Liberals > Diminishing your an Adjective. Self-Identify now a CRAYON

Please help me tweak this thought.

Liberalism diminishes a person by making them a TYPE of person. An adjective...the law of diminishing returns in play here...

Black Person, White person, Yellow Person....what is the key word here?

It's Rhetorical...of course...

it's the ISM that now replaces PRIDE, SELF-INTEREST

A GREAT list of isms

I have an OPERATIVE question essential to moving this discussion forward.  Does an adjective TRUMP a noun?

from a noun to an adjective...the flip side of a jack to a king.....
The song...

counter culture > popCULT-ure > 

IN THE WHITE HOUSE. 50 years later...still ANTI-AMERICAN pro one world which is simply Communism at work.

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