Monday, March 9, 2015

I "Went to College"...the NEW "Made in Japan" #wenttocollege

Remember "Made in Japan"....always indicated CHEAP stuff?
#wenttocollege  the NEW Made in Japan

The New "Made in Japan" is "wenttocollege"

UC IRVINE student vote to take down OUR FLAG
The "adults in the room" have vetoed this attempt

UC Irvine’s Student Government Vetoes Controversial U.S. Flag Ban

My son a professor at SOU sent me demoralized are MANY in "academia" watching IN SILENCE, as this must be the price paid to BE paid.

Political IN-correctness run amuck.....for so very a full staff directory please send email or phone call rejecting this as anti-american....please let me know if and when you make a call or send an email.....
might be a good idea to copy whatever note you may write to the staff so that I can make That GREAT letter available for cut and paste...etc.

Push, Push....PULL!

Eric Baird
Interim Vice President for Development
Interim Executive Director, SOU Foundation (541) 552-6129
Lisa Purcell
Executive Assistant
to the Vice President of Development (541) 552-6127
Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
Mike Beagle
Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving (541) 552-6874

Southern Oregon University Foundation - 1250 Siskiyou Blvd - Ashland, OR 97520 - 

Tel:(541)552-6127 - Fax:(541)552-6126 -

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