Monday, March 23, 2015

Liberals and Other than Conservative EAT, LIVE & BREATH, Jealousy and Envy

In today's Other than ...those ducks who a duck...
Corrupted by left wing Jealousy and Envy...

If this was a major league baseball team IMAGINE being jealous, envious of the top three players in the line-up...who hit 80% of all the hits.....

are ridiculed because of their success..
Conservatives "get even" by succeeding
Queen for a Day....1956-63  The start of celebrating BEING VICTIM
Liberals "get even" by PERVERTING the word fair...then claiming they are a victim
Deal made with the DEVIL...the Meaning of the word "LIBERAL"
600 two hour programs over three years 

Tony's AWESOME memes

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