Tuesday, March 3, 2015

If ONLY I wasn't WHO I am....But because I AM....MANY pay attention Survived Hell - being Liberal.

The Life of a Liberal is simply the default position for all children...for all civilization....
 UNTIL they grow up.  Mature, become civilized, seek out that which is virtuous because we understand the commands from all of Nature, God...synonymous in my mind. 

Does Nature serve MAN or does MAN serve Nature?

Am I  because of who I am...or in spite of who I am?

Back in the day when children feared and respect Ma......she would say to me..."you're so much like me."  I have come to learn that she knew me, cause she new herself.....but of the Male variety...supercharged...hypa charged....

"You do dam well what you please, Anthony...period!"  It was good that many things pleased me...including good things...BUT...if it didn't please Tony.....wasn't happenen.
Been there, don't that.

..Liberalism is all about "Anthony, you do dam well what you feel like doing".....she would go on...."don't look at me like that...you know dam well what I am saying...you tell me yes, ma this and yes ma that....and go on to do exactly how you feel."....Listen Son.....I am responsible to make sure you are self sufficient....and are not dependent on anyone....and until you are out of this house...you will follow my rules...".....replied always...Ma...Ma...yes...Ma...geez ma....why you so....(risk taking at this point...if she turned it was to go get the broom, or the spatula.....I knew to shut up)

Ma, taught us right from wrong...but geez....being wrong was simply so much fun.....I mean growing up through all of the fifties...."don't look in this hole"....a scene from a cartoon...taught us NOT being able to do something was more fun than having permission to do something...

I AM the pop culture....I am the result of the pop culture....all that I am, all that I understand is OF the pop culture....

In the days of a child....a child will often know, but not know what it knows....I started my living thesis of pop-culture, victim-hood and the failure of America with an intuitive...
I developed a knack for what I have coined intuitive research.  Putting ones self not only in the shoes of another ....but in the mind of another....(not easy to do), one,....two...I would use the logical progression of thought to come to some kind of understanding with what IS...IS 
    I have since learned that Einstein had a unique knack of projecting out his research without actual research...it has been this and many more points that I would marry up my intuitive understanding tied down by the likes coming from those of great regard that reinforces "what I think I know."

My earliest articulation, actualization of Metacognition (only learned of this word in the past twenty five years)  thinking about what you think about....always being a skeptic to why you are doing what you are doing...takes intellectually honesty...and if you don't like knowing your foibles....don't venture in to this world.
Self Esteem depends on it.
My first understanding of humanity was a child being ridiculed.  Growing up with the sons and daughters of Lawyers and Doctors....(see I capitalize...for that is how I saw them)  a first generation Italian whose parents now living across the street, the street in the best side of town that never before saw low income housing.  1950..things were changing,..fast...
   I learned in the 50's that it was income, NOT color or ANYTHING else that separated people.  

We didn't have money to speak of ..my father a union laborer...working seasonally and my mother a garment worker of highest regard...but still a garment worker in sweat shops...working three jobs..
  Children were cruel,...and I understood early...it isn't factual what they say...I would say to myself, I think they must be making themselves feel better than they really do.....
of course I would come to learn of Alinsky and the tactics used by him...in Rules for Radicals...but I knew first hand..for so very long..
Always reject overtly or covertly that which is JIVE.
Life went on...but to the pop culture again that I will add is America's Poison Pill. Victimization and the pop culture value it had on "COOL" became the tactic used early with exponential growth thoughout the 20th century....
    Queen for a Day..a iconic, black and white tv show...when the total population of America had only three choices this would be one of them....showing for the FIRST TIME...the value of being a victim.  The pity card played competitively to earn a measly room of furniture...the right to be crowned Queen for a Day and a walk down the runway of shame and self pity is how I saw it as a 6, 7 8year old...."My mother would never do that," I would think.....yep...been watching it inch by inch for all these years..
Queen for a Day was an American radio and television game show that helped to usher in American listeners' and viewers' fascination with big-prize giveaway shows. Queen for a Day originated on the Mutual Radio Network on April 30, 1945, in New York City before moving to Los Angeles a few months later and ran until 1957. The show then ran on NBC Television from 1956 to 1964.[1])

MY RESUME is my EXPERIENCE and lessons learned I am who I am...not in spite of my experience but BECAUSE of them....."survival of the fittest" is ....
Graduated High School 1968
Viet-nam vet 68-71
First arrest senior year
2nd to fifth arrest first year in army
Vietnam 69-70 17 years old
First drug use...on leave from basis training...grass...
First Heroin use   in Viet-nam...
Release in Army narrowly missing a court martial
1971-85 Low life, career criminal, drug addict...dozen prisons several states....never more than 24 months at a time but in and out...constantly
1985 out for the last time...Health Club Fitness center sales into managment..
Won top performer first trip as an award...and a new experience of Tony
Started an advertising publishing company...and print show...25 years kept 15 people employed...took a few years before I had more than a handful.

The ExCONservative Radio Hour - 600 two hour shows 2009-2012
Written by an observer 

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