Saturday, May 16, 2015

Can a Liberal "man" really BE A MAN? The Magina Theorem

If you are MAN or if you are A Man...AND a LIBERAL...I ask...are you
REALLY a Man... 
Men Dominate or ARE dominATED

How can you possibly call yourself A man?  if you're part of that "colored myth" of being a "white" man....I ask again.....

HOW can relegated to the back of the bus. 

Liberals hate all things white, all things men.....
They put woman AHEAD of you....
VICTIMS ahead of YOU
PERVS ahead of you..

I ask again can you POSSIBLY BE A Man.....?
Chicago's I'm A Man

It's a Man's World...James Brown and Pavoratti.

Take the Bullet for your lady, let YOUR lady make the salad.

Conservative woman..."I would NEVER want a Man NOT as smart as Me...if anything...SMARTER .

Liberal woman..           "I am smarter than any Man I KNOW, including my Husband..."

A New TV be Submissive is NOT to be PASSIVE....a strong woman loves to be Dominated by A man....who commands their respect.

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