Friday, May 15, 2015

Shirley Temple & Liberals....The HOME of Make (we the people) Believe

The Shirley Temples Theorem
becoming Popularized

Liberals and Hollywood ACTORS.....SAME..

All play "make believe.".....All act like they are OF importance...
When I think of Hollywood...and first image in my mind...based on Life's Shirley Temple.
I can READ any script that is PUT in front of me.....making me a PERFECT LIBERAL-Yes I started out as Conservative others PROGRESSED to "liberalism"....refusing to grow up.

A Conservative way back when.....the beginning of the end of "functional Conservatism" in the republican party..
Slowly I turn....step by step, inch by inch...we'll CARVE OUT the Conservative of all "republicans" 

it DOES take SOME NERVE to say ACTING is something equal to that of an Engineer, Doctor, Teacher, or Nurse....not just nerve...audacity and pure unmitigated Narcissism.

from the link below

A few days ago I stumbled upon a great article written by a child psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow.  It talks about the newest generation of kids having such an inflated ego due to social media sites, realistic gaming, and societies overall attempt to lessen the significance of winners and losers.  Having spent just about every day of my life working with kids after graduating from college, I would say that the doctor is spot on in his assessment and his reasoning.  While I have no kids of my own, I found this article to be a great read… and hope you will too.
This is a passage written by a Dr. Keith Ablow who is  a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team.   The complete article can be found HERE.

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