Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tom Brady/Patriots - #hatespeech for the Jealousy Impaired

Liberals have always taken a back seat to those that DO....While doing their best to PROMOTE themselves via IMAGE.

From the boys in the game who were rarely picked at a "pick up game on the street" or who had to AT BEST accept being WATER BOY for the Football team while in High School.. One Example, Stephen Smith.
Stephen Anthony (A.) Smith[1] (born October 14, 1967), more commonly known as Stephen A., is an American television personality, host, radio host, and former sports journalist.

 "Of course I lettered" in Football.

The Tom Brady, Patriot fiasco is MUCH ABOUT something much deeper than FOOTBALL...

Jealousy, Envy breeds contempt from those who loath watching the self esteem acquired BY THOSE who perform.

Cheating, Cheating, the domain of the Left...its ONLY politics, etc...

Hypocrisy the Lowest form of HUMAN BEING....

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