Thursday, July 23, 2015

Donald Trump's TAKING on Political Correctness & the New Conservative "fascism"

 Rick Perry, John McCain, Marco Rubio
 parroting Conservative Correctness
 what is the difference from POLITICAL CORRECTNESS? 
Running from Donald Trump

Hero and the Race Card....both NOW relieves one from RESPONSIBILITY

Makers or Takers - The Creed of EACH.... 

Effort x Load = Value

After 25 years in the Advertising and Publishing business this original thought was often included in my SALES motivation meetings held weekly over those many years.  So fitting today to explain winners and losers I thought I'd share it....

Liberalism is WHAT Joe McCarthy warned us of...Media, subversives, all of it. 

Trump is COOL, really, really cool... President Obama > Manufactured COOL..Pop CULT-ure's nightmare 

The Pop-Culture electing another President

Trump is COOL, he's really, really ...COOL. 

Obama PopCulture elected him - Trump POP-CULTure Presidential Candidate UNLIKE anyOTHER

We had a hint of Hollywood selecting a President with Ronald Reagan....
but not really he was big in Union Politics in California.
Bill Clinton....and his Sex err Saxaphone....
The PRINCE of modern pop-CULT-ure....Donald Trump

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