Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hero and the Race Card....both NOW relieves one from RESPONSIBILITY

RINO media and Rino politicians hypocrisy....  #alfrankin
OLD NEWS: Sen. Al Franken, pictured this month at a Senate hearing, said in 2000 when McCain was a presidential primary candidate that he had  'sat out the war' as a POW. 'I don’t buy the war hero thing. Anybody can be captured,' he wrote
Liberal one way street....hypocrisy squared

Donald Trump is a HERO for not remaining quiet on a "hero" who did his best to lambaste true Conservatives.

John McCain did his duty valiantly in Viet-nam. 

 His capture did not take being a hero. It was incidental to his DUTY.  

I will agree that he was Heroic in refusing to go home from capture when he could of ...BUT...

Does action in which his Duty precluded Heroics GIVE blanket AMNESTY to RINO poliltics and alinsky style ridicule of conservatives in HIS party.

TRUMP did NOTHING wrong...INSENSITIVE....yes...but so what......

So In REVIEW..."we" don't criticize
OBAMA cause of the Race Card...and NOW we can't criticize McCain for the Victim CARD....

Now please before you all go nuts please review the below clip and see what I mean by a hero...and YOU tell me....if this Hero...Roy Benavidez and John McCain is Same>

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