Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rick Perry parroting Conservative Correctness what is the difference from POLITICAL CORRECTNESS? Running from Donald Trump

Rick Perry, a Conservative of no longer

 NOTE Worthy.  

YOU crossed the line!

#ConservativeCorrectness, the RINO's PC

If you can't handle the heat get the hell out of the KITCHEN.  Ridicule is one thing.....

but to use the Power of Suggestion...strike that...

to use your influence to UNDERMINE a citizens RIGHT to be WRONG or Right...


That have exposed yourself.  

It is Obvious to us all who live NOT in a bubble but in the real world where LITTLE is fair and EVERYTHING is OK that is LEGAL.  

Even being WRONG is legal Mr. Perry....
Intellectual Honesty is one who is NOT CHALLENGED by Truth

Who DIED, Mr. Perry and left YOU to re-Write the RULEs of the Road?

When a POLITICIAN is using the new Conservative Correctness to Silence We the PEOPLE it is apparent that the difference with a RINO and a Liberal becomes the NEW BLEND of Truth no LONGER runs on its own power...see how Mr. Perry lambastes a Patriot.
Donald is a Doer, a Performer not simply Image

 l. Tell them what you are going to do.

2. DO IT!

3. Show em you did it.


Rino's and other Non-Conservatives make IMAGE

1. Tell them what you did in the past

2. What you are 'going' to DO in the future

3. What you are doing NOW? Repeat 1 & 2

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