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Going down, going down, down, down, down, down....I'm going Down....just like the song...more to the point down to Hell.. I know all to well, for I have come from just that place....but what alarms me is our mediaoracy that governs us today is convincing us that down isn't really going down....its like the “new up.”  I mean its cool isn't experience the pain, the agony, must be.

It must be indeed, for we seem to take celebritory pleasure from our association with and the enabling of those who had to fight whatever tragedyd'jor of the day is....Now I have to tell you, it isn't any place where you really want to be...the elite that take pleasure in the visitation of such negative delights soothing their guilt for having life easy and unconsciencely is feeling why am I so lucky...the elite aren't even aware of this septic tank of information that poisons their thinking is in fact the devil we all wish to identify.

The “gotcha culture” uses personal attacks, just like children in a school yard, when making their case as in “putting you down” they are elevating themselves, by dropping to new lows, remember...going down...they have actually risen to new heights....alarming isn't it...

Celebration of Negative Behavior.

Fighting the empowerment of mediocrity.

Babyboomers, the beginning of the end. A Con's tale.

Civic Responsibility
Does this exist at all?
By whom do we as a society expect to lead in the example and in vision?
Professionals?  Bureaucrats?  Politicians?  Academics?...
perhaps more to the point is who should we expect little of in this regard...I'm not sure anymore....

I think our leaders must demonstrate, advocate and mentor other leaders doing the same, and so on and son..

Gotcha in Review
Glamour not News, but WOW?
Squock, the Talkshow  squeal- this talk show squeal
NotNews News Hour, breaks for real news on the quarter and half
We're Special News...Topic...Us, of course.

Growing up Italian, I thought was pretty cool...I don't know how that was put into my head, perhaps living in the day of which Italian were celebrated much like blacks are today in rap.  I mean think about it, I believe we gave birth to cool, we gave birth to latin rhythm and rhyme..This was a good thing for me, because I certainly identified with it....your Italian?  However it was also the root cause of disdain for the anglo friends who had material things where we did not, and who did not carry themselves as confidently as I did.  I always remember being proud.  I just thought that pride was everything and it was much more than a word...

I saw the celebration of the culture wean from the Italian who now would rather identify themselves as white.  For most of the ones that really wanted to succeed, in fact did.  The many others who simply like most other “many others” of all ethnic varieties gave no thought to the matter, thus...Italians now have little to no identity.
I saw this coming early on my days of thought, in the 60's and on,..the lack of support of the Knights of Columbus, or thie other paternal organizations the maintain the culture as a community within their American lives.

Like church, religion and such, I saw the decline from the very days of my childhood.  My mind being challenged with the lessons of life and the politics of friends, associates, kids in the playground all of that, while ideas, obviously greater and reaching further than that of my pears.  How many times I would here, “Tony, why so serious,”  Or earlier on, I simply didn't fit in, and chose not to try very hard.

It seem the more I observed, the more I came to understand that I'm really not only not missing very much, but I'm also avoiding being poisoned by behavior and thought not worthy of someone who knows better.

  It seems that the lives of the privileged makes worry about nothing by turning it into something an artform.  This is the seed of the illness of victimitis

It seems the mission of our government leaders has more to do with creating the impression that the nothing they are doing looks instead to be a look how much we have done

The privileged without the experience of bad receives little true satisfaction.  I use the term, you haven't know enough bad to know what good is.
Imagine everyone being pretty.  How could you describe, never mind appreciate pretty..Natural law compels opposites forces to exist.  That being said, without the understanding of the both, the blindly see just one.l

 unless through their experience growing up, parents are instilling the good fortune put upon them was a blessing that carries a responsibility to the universe at large and those whom you love in particular.  This lesson is not something that without a moral compass can be taught.

Watching the history of the 60's and seeing all of the Colleges and Universities that were protesting.  To the degree of Kent State...I had no idea just how many and frequent, and violent it was.

The upperclass whites who rejected me in every way,  while I was doing my duty (for what choice did I have?) This revolt, while being stone 24/7, many attribute to the empowering of North Viet-nam was in fact the beginning top the end of our culture as we know it...This while being looked upon through the eyes of the liberal media whose own agenda fuled much of everything, look at today...
  I was in Vietnam at the time.  But thinking I realized these angry kids, these disrespectful little turds that were spitting in the eye of authority we now some of our most respected leaders, business and government officials.  Is it any wonder our culture, our intrastructure, our education, and health care, what an Excon is an Antetode to the mess that you all have left me wit having to expose

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