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                                                            Tony’s Maxims

1.  Life is about Survival; everything depends on it.     
Survival is paramount. Without life, there is no freedom, happiness, liberty nor other human desires, such as fame, fortune, power, gratification, etc.

2. Nature is to be synonymous and in harmony with religious beliefs.
 People desire it in relation to a person, place or thing in order to look up to, answer to it, and to live for something higher than themselves.  Governments, Monarchs and other rulers have understood this and aligned themselves accordingly.

3.  Life is ruled by the Laws of Nature
a.  Everything expands.
b. There are NO ABSOLUTES. Things are not either/or. In reality, it is to the degree of which      things are this or that.
c. It isn’t how good someone is or isn’t; it is how bad they are not.
d. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
e. Things come in three’s.

4.  People in general are not smart, and are too easily led.
 In this case, it means being reactionary instead of activist. What is your reaction?  Reactions are based on matters of the heart and not of the mind.  Response, or “activism” requires a working relationship with your
a.  Critical thinking skills, and your moral compass.
b. Your need to have to support for those you value before you can come to a conclusion to a question. Simply put, it means do you think for yourself?
c. Accountability for actions, allowing truth to speak for itself.

5.  Men are inherently evil, but can learn otherwise.
If you consider that survival is paramount, then it is inherent for us as  humans and primal beings to take by force of by deception anything that someone has that you feel you need for your own survival. It’s an innate need for self-preservation.

6. Media drives reality and creates perception. An illusion that is (n’t)
Those who see perception as reality are in fact living an illusion. The media’s ability to shape our reality by creating perceptions is used in all areas of our daily lives, e.g., corporate, media, and advertising by means of psychographic tactics and strategies.

7.  Political correctness turns wrong into right forever.
 Our strategy of life is now dependent on image and popularity, rather than performance and success. It is this myth which commands respect, and the elite is  dependent on it in order to lead and to govern the masses. Because it is easier to put others down,  rather than to compete on equal footing in the arena of action, the “gotcha” mentality means that popularity is the reward for political correctness

8. The use of generalities in the abstract to argue a political point is by definition using a false premise and is therefore invalid.
For example, If I’m getting rained on, I don’t want to hear about how there is  30% chance of rain.  It is 100% to me.

9.  Need, greed and fear are the methods used to move the masses.

10.  Those that claim they need to see with perfect clarity before they decide, will never decide. It’s easier to go with those in power than to fill their minds with the “what if’s.”

11. The Grass is always greener - until you get there.
 Because envy is so prolific in our society, we can’t see that the “greener grass” is not so green compared to what we have already had.

12.  If I have to explain it to you, then you will never understand.
Some things need NO explanation, so why try?  The HYPER-civilized intellectually elite will poke holes in the best of truths; thus there are many reasons why men will sabotage the obvious.

13.  The world does not owe you a living. It did GIVE you free will.
 Your life is a blessing. We are all dealt with a particular set of God giving rights.  One is free will.  With your own ethics and character, comes the  ability to shape your own life,   for better or worse. The choice is ultimately yours to make.

14.  Money does not grow on trees.
 Money is a reflection of your time and the value that your reality commands.  The capricious attitude of many today towards finance and wealth is in direct opposition to natural law, which commands you respect the work you do.

15. If you think you know - you don’t know.
Those that know and know that they know, follow them for they are wise.
There are but a few, but one either
 1. Thinks he knows (very dangerous, and ill advised to gamble the future on those who think they know.)
 2.  Believes they know.  Until one finds more relevant and factual information to contradict ones acts with belief.                                                                                                                                   3. Then there are those who know that they know.  Follow them, for they are wise.

16.  An attitude of gratitude. (The sad man with no shoes until he met the man with no feet.)
  A lot of men will prefer to see what we don’t have that others might possess, and want it.
.(see #10)  Then there are those who understand that it isn’t a matter of good things are,  but how bad it is not.  “I guess I don’t have it that bad.”
17.  You can be anyway you want, just cop to it
I have more regard for the axe murder who gave me an option of getting a bigger axe or by getting out of dodge, than I do for the people in positions of authority that speak with both sides of their mouth, and not simultaneously.

18.  It’s not what you know that is important; it is what you don’t know.
If you don’t know what you don’t know,  you are liable to group it in what you do know - and that is more dangerous, than thinking you know. (see #15)

19.  The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.
Indifference is a razor sharp blade. You will never see the blood result, or quiet satisfaction of “knowing confidently and with silence.” More relevance is given to whom we suggest we are not in tune with. Your desire to provide comfort for them by virtue of your own discomfort thus granting their desires.   

20.  Talk is cheap, but affordable.
 People find it so easy to discuss matters of little importance, or make pronouncements on what they know little about.

21.  IFa, WOULDa, COULDa
 Cop out words, used to sabotage, derail, cloud, smoke screen, and the like when using to defend one’s position, visa a vi, defensiveness.

22.  If it doesn’t matter it shouldn’t

23.   Confidence is an expression of silence

24.  A good idea today is better than a perfect idea tomorrow. (see #10)

25.  There is a right way to do the wrong thing.
 When wrong, to be forthright in the acknowledgement of same

26. Two wrongs don't make it right. Thus invalidates your argument.

27.  Everything is ok, even being wrong is ok.(see 25)
As long as you know it is wrong, and ultimately your moral clock isn’t being adjusted to fit the event, you are simply deciding to be human. Accountability not withstanding.

28. Why be lazy, when stupid does the trick? Laziness takes a thought, such as....err  "not today, I'm just - too stupid, to even know about lazy.

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