Saturday, July 13, 2013

Book in progress comments wecolmed....who me generation

I want to do what I want, when I want, and I want it now...says the grandchildren of the "ME" generation

 This seed of contempt was first seen in the ME GENERATION of the fifty's, fermented in the home of the upper class.
 The slippery slope was off to a great start.  This generation I chose not to to participate in gave birth to the "WHO ME" generation, the slope growing more slippery,  provided their parents with their first grandchild, the NOT ME generation.

  It is difficult to name the following generation except to anticipate that it will be named the "NOT ME EITHER" generation.  It is this that I hope to intercept, and impact America, their is no time to lose, for it will be too late, as in Rome and all that fell with it.

   The world had evolved post WWII ...for now to “Keep up with the Jones”  the need for  a two family income was paramount, Children now came second. The world of Visa, Mastercard has arrived.

   Compensation for the lack parental love and devotion came in three forms.

1. Material things.
2. No boundaries.
3. No expectations

  So much of what needs to be said is not being said by anyone. Many point of views. cultural, political, social have been stifled. Contempt for authority bred by modern-era parenting of "when I have time" has defined our youth of the past, modeling today's behavior for the children of tomorrow.
   The GOTCHA MEDIA,  provides leads to the legal community to create what is simply an ongoing and growing litigious enviornment that precludes positive and cooperative interaction (yes, civilized)  with those who disagree, regardless of the sides taken.
     Add the dynamic of enabling the performance lacking citizenry and what  has been created, but for survival alone, is a politically incorrect enviornment.  To me it is Inpolitically correct and it is the basis of the thesis for “Beyond Puke.”
    The lack of boundaries parents demand is a direct result from the guilt felt when given things instead of love

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