Saturday, July 13, 2013

Book in Progress...comments welcomed.. #1

Twenty years ago the title of a book about my life, as I knew it then, would have been
either FREE and on the Run or Sentenced to Life on the Installment Plan.
Twenty two years have passed. My life was then on a tailspin, from a spirited kid of the
1960’s with less than ideal opportunities. I learned early on that I was much more fortunate than
The idea of “the man with no shoes until he met the man with no feet” has been the one
constant from early in my life that buffered me from the “oh woe is me” crap into a successful
publisher and advertising entrepreneur.
It has been said that Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That said,
the media, the messenger of the world, will help perpetuate the problems as they occur.
I’m fed up with the sacrosanct media. So fed up that if I don’t write this book, I’m simply
going to kill someone.
For the most part, only bad people do bad things. And because I have had practice at
being bad, and was very good at it – not perfect, which is why I spent time in more than twenty
jails and prisons at federal state and local levels across the country. Not to mention off the
mainland with more than one identity. At times I didn’t know who I was playing. You believe
that? Of course I knew – but you get the gist.
I’m an exception, and I will convince you. I will go after the evil that exists in disguised
in suits, ties and community standing, and who bastardize the first amendment– and I will
encourage others of decency that have balls and fell strongly enough about it to take  drastic
measures to counter them .
It is the first amendment that is the root, after evil. But I think “evil” is inherent in the
primal human species of man. The only difference in my book of understanding is that unless a
human being is trained and educated and cultured will he evolve! Should a man not have that
good fortune, then he like other animals in the food chain will do what it takes to survive.
I speak from experience. During my time on the run, I was broke, living in supermarkets.
I pretended to be shopping while filling my belly with cold cuts, cookies, ice cream, or whatever
I could open and eat while pushing a cart. But I would never beg for money. One day while
moving furniture for day pay, a girl I was dating who worked in a bank asked me, “Need a
loan?” I smiled and said, “If I want it, I’ll take it.”
I know the primal animal because I’m one of them. But I’m also someone who knows
why he thinks the way he does, because I’ve been doing it all my life. Too many of us have
evolved and over-evolved, and we are actually over-civilized! So much that we have forgotten
what and what we are, and more importantly, our enemies. Many of which are evil and have
never been cultured, nor civilized.
I was a good kid who was brought up well, but grew up to do bad things. You need to
understand how I know what I know, and allow you to see as I have that this world will go
around as it will, whether you fight it or seduce it, and lose your mind in the meantime.
No one else has taken up the cause in a way that is “in your face.” I will name some, and
names will be ranked. Bill O’Reilly I give a +60, the few others less. All reactionary people get a
ranking of -40 to -100. In my ranking system, a +10 beats a -90. You get it. 
Global warming will not kill us. Nuclear war will not kill us. We will kill ourselves by all
of this “gotcha” stuff.
Imagine a football team going by this premise. Everyone on the team is battling with one
another. The Defensive positions are arguing with the offensive positions, and all hate the coach.
How many games would that team win in that season?
It isn’t about what you say, but why you say it. Yes, PR and sensitivity are issues – but
when third parties talk about that subject when it was simply supposed to be between two
people, it is called “gossip.”
I practice a certain attitude when confronted with those when shown and asked what 2 +
2 is, tells you it’s 5. No matter what you say, you can’t convince them. Their intelligence may be
impressive, and they talk circles around “average” people.
When I know, and I know that I know that I’m right – not that I think I’m right, or simply
believe that I’m right – I will respond quickly. I tell them, “this is the kind of thing that if I have
to explain it you you, then you will never understand.” Then move on to the next topic for
discussion. I then reinforce this by complete indifference to his “reactionary” rhetoric. The
opposite of love is not hate – it is indifference.
If he has to resort to name calling or bring up a misdeed on my part,  real or imagined, to
try to divert the issue at hand, it is because of their lack of rationale to back up their statement. If
he can’t make his argument and be a person of character, and know that by being enlightened he
is far better for it. He instead will call me a “know it all.” I respond by saying, “I strive to know
it all. However if I’m wrong, show me, don’t tell me. Enlighten me but make your case. I will
thank you for making me smarter than I was a moment ago.”
People are generally stupid. I don’t care how smart they claim to be. My assessment of
stupid is when people are reactionary, and not actionary. Have you ever heard someone saying to
another person that they over-responded? Of course not! They over-reacted. Even so called
journalists (promoters) will ask, “What is your reaction?” I encourage you to stop, think and
respond – but don’t react. Reactions are for children and more lighthearted attitudes. I have come
to understand that the people who wrote the book on emotional intelligence have it right.
I understood it as “an ounce of intelligence requires a pound of common sense.” You see
the real issue here is that we have a bunch of school kids who are over 35, and refusing to face
up to their responsibilities in life. For example, refusing to disciplining their children, not doing
the right thing but cheating.
What passes for “intelligence” in the world today, with the lack of common sense is
absolutely scary. Like a nuclear weapon in the hands of a culture who will die for no reason
other than the lies that were shown them since they were old enough to talk. Intelligence with no
common sense is a bad thing.
I have more respect for an axe murderer who admits he is an axe murderer than I do for
the many who pretend to be something or someone they are not. He gives me two options, based
on truth and fact. I can get the hell out of dodge and fast, or I can get a bigger axe. It’s that
simple, and it’s based on pure survival. Anybody is deserving of respect if they admit to who and
what they really are, and don’t lead a dual hypocritical life. People that give me no option to care
for my own survival based upon information that should be forthright is wrong and dangerous
for our society.

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