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I have a story to tell. I am a desperate man that is totally fed up with what is going on in legitimate society. I’m an adult male, a criminal all my adult life. Maintaining the child’s eye while also seeing up front and center from the eyes of an ex-con, Viet Nam Vet, porn actor, drug addict for over 20 years, newspaper publisher – but most of all a decent guy who has just experienced a big more color than most others have.  A good guy that did a lot of bad things.                         I have been accused of being a “know it all.” I have always wondered about that – what would intrigue me? It was mostly women that would say this – I don’t hang out with guys, I’m first and foremost always about women. Why is it that some are fascinated by a man’s understanding of many things, and as the emotional comfort zone becomes thicker, often with contempt for one with low self esteem – I would learn later in life that was often the reason that people would then resent that you knew so much. Turns out that I was reminding this person of how much they didn’t know, while I referred to myself with pride. Those with self esteem became jealous and angry and didn’t even know they were doing it. They were often simply lost. It was often explained to me that it’s about people’s inability to support their argument.                                 I don’t know what it was about me that had me totally convinced that I knew a lot more than I truly believed deep down inside. No one ever was there to support me. Mother was always working. Dad was gone by the time I was ten, and he was never around.                                                             It is what it is. It’s that simple. There is so much crap in the media that I’m going to have to put together some kind of death squad. The problem is that bad people do bad things to good people. All the good people do to the bad people is try to be good to them, and that is bad because it never works. Never.                                                                                                              So what is happening in the war on terrorism? I haven’t heard a lot of what needs to be said. Why? Because we are all making money, acquiring fame and celebrity by promoting and following up with the damned status quo of misinformation, disinformation, no information and over saturation by the media.                                                                                                                                   The media will be the death of us. What do we call “poor” in these United States? Let’s take that poor ethnic person who is crying poor – if they were in their native home area of the world they would be in the top 5% of wealth in that country. Isn’t that something?                          Do you remember when you needed only one healthy income to run a household? When we didn’t have all those highways to handle all those cars that bring twice as many people to work as 40 years ago? Do you remember when you couldn’t buy something, most people             would simply say “I can’t afford it. I’m going to save to get that item.” People don’t do that anymore. It’s embarrassing. Now you simply charge it. You are charging and over-charging. Statistics show that we are spending over 5% to pay interest on the things we bought but could not afford. It used to be if you can’t buy it with cash up front you can’t afford to buy it! Not so anymore.                  The theory now is don’t let that fool you, for the media and commercials don’t want to send you that message. The people that make money providing you with programming will not espouse such a thing as social responsibility or explain what the hell that is.                                                 Everything expands. Now not only do you have credit to buy, but the same creditors  who made it possible for our parents to afford what they can’t afford, they have taught their children how to work two jobs and can now see the           pleasure of life. For there is so much interest needed to pay these debts off you say you can’t afford to borrow anymore?                                                                 Imagine that – can’t afford to borrow! Perhaps they can’t even buy groceries. What I want to know is that if manufacturers can’t afford to make any more products because their wholesalers extended too much credit to the retailers who expanded too much credit that now there is no money for the wholesalers to buy products to ell back to the retailers – what will the manufacturers do?  How about “no payments for 18 months?”  We let the wholesalers buy from the manufacturers without paying so they can sell to the retailers who won’t have to pay for 12 months – and now they can go on the television, buy advertising on credit. They have no cash, so they can advertise to the consumer, the greedy public who will then hear they can load up. Buy all their Christmas goodies, and not pay anything for one full year. Everything expands, even in the negative. And this is not good.                                                                                                                       There is so much media, and we all want to be stars, so the bar continually lowers in conjunction with the need to fulfill more volumes of people.                                                                  I’m a naturalist. I believe in nature. Love is energy. My mother Elly was visiting three sons in three prisons in Massachusetts. I grew up with her mantra of “smile and people will smile with you. Cry and you’ll cry alone.” She used to kick our asses, and say “If you don’t tell me the truth now, one day someone is going to tell me and I’m going to give it to you twice as hard.”  We told her. But not for long. It was just a follow through from her upbringing. It was a mother who loved to the umpth degree. She is my role model. She never made us feel like we weren’t safe. I knew we were poor. Growing up in the neighborhood outside Brockton on the better side of the tracks, but just across the street were the really well off families. At school I simply wasn’t all that loved by friends. There were a lot of bullies. I couldn’t fight unless I was mad – and I was always a pretty happy go lucky kid. A happy kid in an unhappy childhood.. I didn’t like school. Girls didn’t like me. I was too small, too young, and was poor – an embarrassing thing for me.                                                                                                                                            Where I came from and where I am now is the stuff movies are made of. Now I’m the publisher of a successful travel publication. With that being said, I have to say that I was always too humble to think that my life was that worthy. Who would care about my life? But guess what? The times are a changin’. There is so much crap amount of media channels that the absolute need for copy is unrelenting. Like a thirst that is never quenched. Everyone is making money and I’m an entrepreneur.                                                                                                                         That’s right. I was a crook, an entrepreneur when I lived the life of a Viet Nam vet, turned heroin addict, turned bank robber. Jail escape to port start to newspaper publisher. That’s what I think this is all about. The reason I’m expounding on this is to allow you to understand who I really am. I’m a smart son of a bitch, finding out that all my life I’ve been living by a triad of triads and there are three kinds of people in the world.                                                                            1.  Those who make things happen.                                                                                        2.  Those who watch the people that make things happen.                                                    3.  And finally the vast majoritythat don’t have a clue to what is going on.                                     It’s all relative. It is those who have more of the ignorance that I talk about. I’m learning that I’m a genius, I’m entertaining, I’m pretty damned interesting, but I’m also a dichotomy in so many ways.                                                                                                                                                          As a kid growing up, I was always afraid of silence.  I would always imagine someone in my company would be thinking negatively of me, if I didn’t learn to entertain them and fill the air with sounds. The only naturally occurring thing that would go on would be them thinking bad of me. So I quickly became one with personality.                                                                                             I was quick-witted, sarcastic to a tee.  I remember stealing pennies from my mother’s coin jar when the ice cream truck came by. My mother never “caught” me. She didn’t have to – she just knew. And I knew that she knew. The shame was enough to deal with.                                                  My mother was a garment worker. After she would fix dinner for us, she would take me with her to her night job in the factory, and I would trim zippers for her and her co-workers. I was seven years old and making a quarter an hour.                                                                                        Herein lies a dichotomy. I am an ex this and an ex that, and ex everything under than the sun that is less than – shall we say respectful? Yet I have opinions that you will not be able to brush away with the usual “what does he know” adage. Once you see where I have come from, and once you see just how “right on” I am about things, you will come away with a whole lot of everything to think about. My experiences have made me wise.                                                                I know what needs to be done for this country. I have been listening to the politicians, and the “talking heads” and everyone is out for the same thing – fame and fortune. No matter who they are, good or bad, and it’s really all relative. But do the right thing? Are you kidding me? And people still don’t get it. People are dumb, not so much intellectually but emotionally. People have little or no emotional intelligence, which used to be called common sense, and the politicians know this. The proof they have is that people believe them.                                      The media is screwed up. The First Amendment is screwed up. Technology is screwed up. I don’t believe the world will even be here in 30 – 100 years. If we don’t do it ourselves, the weather is going to do it. The technology of the mass media is making everyone aware of everyone’s good fortune, and they are getting it every day. This technology is killing us.                                 The mass media is making everyone aware of everyone’s good fortune, and they are getting it every day. This business about fame and fortune made in what my mother would call “blood money.” These “talking heads” what we have on Fox, CNN, so much product out there to fill. So much demand for product that the cable channels are all serving the lowest common denominator. We are sinking lower and lower.                                                                                 And here is the reason you are reading this book. Because the further you get into it, and into my head, the more intrigued you become. Because I am telling you what to think, programming you in how to think. Why not? The media does it. Don’t try to tell me that the media is only serving their viewers, their listeners, their readership. I already told you I’m a newspaper publisher. So now you are really compelled! You drop the money down to buy this book so of course you are going to read it. You will tell your friends, and they will tell their friends, and I may end up with my own website after this.                                                                             But seriously – the reason you are reading this book is because I have a lot to say, and I’m quite entertaining, if I do say so myself. I must publish or perish. Yes, I am a newspaper publisher, but that is for another page as well.                                                                                       As for what you are saying to yourselves, see how much I know – or think that I know – for you don’t know unless you know that you know – if you think you know – then you don’t know! You get it! At any rate, I am here to talk about all the right side of political stuff to the right. I’m an ex-con, a drug user, an adult entertainer, a stand-up comedian. Yes, you see I think those on the right side of the aisle are the grown-ups. Because you see, I was like them on the left when I was a kid. I wanted what I wanted and I wanted it now. If you don’t give it to me I’m going to scream, holler, yell, lie, cheat, steal and ill. You want to talk about human rights? Let’s see how un-human it is when this civilization goes down the way of the Roman Empire.                             As for me, I’m a salesman. I know more about you than you know. Oh yes I do. But like anything else, tell me what kind of person you are and I will tell you what kind of salesman you are or whatever else it is. Because enough of us are not judging or assessing ourselves or others with what makes up who they are. Instead, it’s what they are. I an actor, a teacher, or whatever I need to be. And then whatever is felt upon the community you are presently in, and the way they feel about whatever it is you do. Just remember perception is reality, so if they think it is, it is. It’s that simple.

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