Saturday, March 19, 2016

A President Trump ECOONOMIC appeal - Bring back the CCC of Roosevelt days.

President appeal....
Roosevelt did it during pre-WWII days.  
The training provided by the CCC proved particularly valuable to the 77,000 Indian and Hispanic youths who worked in the Southwest.

Since the vast majority of federal public land was in the West,
 Roosevelt put the program under the direction of his Secretary of Interior, Harold Ickes, who became an enthusiastic supporter.
Ickes created most of his CCC projects in that region.
 The young men who joined, however, came from all over the nation. It was the first time many had left their homes in the densely populated eastern states. Many of them later remembered their time spent in the wide-open spaces of the West with affection, and many later returned to tour the region or become residents.

                     I can see Dr. Ben Carson running this.

I see all building trades, and health care trades secondary and post secondary levels.  
I can see hundreds of thousands of unemployed youths being saved from a life of crime and prison. 
 I can see our infra-structure improve and maintained for years to come from the very people who LEARNED from a program like this.

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